Apr 2, 2008

Little Man's Story Part 2

I wrote the first part of this here. Little Man is Curtis. Who is now 6 soon to be 7. Alot has happened since I wrote that. Curtis full diagnosis at this time is Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. He still gets speech and OT. He is no longer on meds. We could not find a med to help him that would not cause the sensory system to go into a full meltdown. (My words are used to here to make it easier to understand) Or if it was not with his sensory system it was his previous put to "rest" symptoms of autism that were coming back. From making full contact with you to not being able to even look at you. From no longer staring out the window for hours on end to staring out the windo for hours. The school is currently no longer on the same page as I am. They are still working really hard with him however they are wanting an easy road now. They want him back on the meds. I admit meds can help many many children with ADHD. However it's harder when you have autism and sensory "issues" (easier term to understand) to put into play.
At the age of 6 Little Man has made great gains. We were told he would never be able to ride a two wheel bike ever. Last summer he got on a friends bike without training wheels and worked and worked on riding it until he got it! He asked for his training wheels to be taken off his own bike! He has been riding a bike ever since! He was 5 when he showed the doctors how wrong they can be! He is reading. I was told that he would never reconize letters beyond his name. And he is tying his own shoes. The doctor insisted that he would not get that until he was at least 10. He is 6 and doing a fine job.
There is a few thing s I have learned with my son.
A. Mom can have hopes and dreams for child no matter what. Mom just has to adjust her hopes and dreams to fit her child instead of fitting the child to dreams that could be out of reach.
B. Mom's instincts is a powerful tool. Feel something is off? Feel something "not right"? Speak out. Shout Out. Never doubt yourself for one minute. I learned that I was right all along. Just took time for me to get someone to actually sit and talk with me and really listen to what I had to say.
C. Doctors don't know everything. They are human just you and me. They have told me a number of things my son would never do and yet my son does them. Do listen to what the doctor has to say. Just keep a little hope and a ton of faith for your child. I did and my son is making great gains!


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We learn so much from our children, and yes the professionals are not always right!!