Apr 6, 2008


I know I have not been around the blogoshere much in the past few days. I'm sorry for that. I just have alot going on and alot on my mind....much of which I can't discuss to much on my blog. It's better that I don't blog instead of blogging about something that really does not belong here.
I do have to say this though a good friend of Hubby is in the hopsital. He was seriously injured while at work but will recover. He is due home in a few days as long as nothing else medically comes up. I just want him to know that I am thinking of him and wishing him well.

I will hear this coming up week about when Sam will be evaluated! In one hand I hope he is developing properly and that all my hard work with him has paid off! In the other hand though I also hope that he needs the extra help so he can start preschool this year. It would give him the socailization that I know he desperatly needs. I know this sounds bad coming from me as his Mom but I'm being honest. Either way it goes though I will be happy. I will finally once and for all now exactly where Sam stands with his development. I do want him to where he should be. Which is why I have worked with him so hard his entire life!

Gregory is eating me out of house and home. He has finally figured out that food is good. Food is for growing! yay! However this means that he is outgrowing all of his pants! The boy finally has a waist to hold his pants up! Right now he is sharing pants with Curtis until we can go clothes shopping. Actually the issue is that stores do not seem to carry boy clothes. I can find shirts but not pants. Not even shorts that are his size. It's really annoying that stores can't seem to carry the sizes that you need for your kids. If I thought I could get away with it I would buy girl pants for him but I know that would not go over at all for him or his dad.

Curtis. My Little Man is not so little anymore. He is 6 going on 7 in 2 months. The boy is almost up to my shoulders. I'm 5'6 give or take a few inches. It's official he will be 10 and taller than I am. He has a goal and when he sets a goal he sticks with it until he reaches his goal. Something that I have helped him do. He wants to be taller....taller than his daddy. Who is at 6'1 give or take. I believe when he reaches 15 he will have met that goal. Curtis has a few goals that he is working on. He wants to learn all there is to know about dinosaurs. Right now we are learing together each name of the dinosaur and will go from there. So far he can tell me 5 of them and a few facts as well. Ex: He knows T rex is one of the biggest. Knows the T Rex walks like we do and knows he ate other dinosaurs. It only took him one day to learn this.

Angelina: Is reading books as if they are going out of style. That's my girl! She has a love for reading and that is one of the best things ever for a child to have! She is currently working her way through the Baby Sitter's Club books. She is reading one book within 3 days of starting it. Just like I do!
That's all for now! I do plan to get back into the swing of things here soon!


Anonymous said...

wishing you and yours well. My son is a walking encyclopidia when it comes to dinosaurs. He has loved animals since he could pick up a book. He is 8 and wants to be a zookeeper someday. I never knew one thing about a dinosaur until Matt came into my life. Now I know so much lol:) You will too;)

Holding It Together said...

Sounds like a great group of kids, and I hope everything goes well with Sam's eval.

Thank you for linking to me - that was such a pleasant surprise to see my blog name on your list!