Dec 9, 2012

Fun times!

The boys attempt at a holiday shot

Dec 7, 2012


Of lies. Either T herself has ripped the picture herself or a supporter did it. So I hope the person who sent this into to T comes forward and leaves their name here.

Where's the evidence you say? Look at the picture that is posted here.

I will wait for you.

You back?

Ok Good. I have another place for you to look at over here.

You want page 1 picture number 6. Or a direct link is here. The direct link has the name of the website it is from in the URL and has the website name on the bottom of the pic.

Some one is lieing. It's either T (my suspect) or a supporter of her bullshitting story. Which one do you think it is? If a supporter sent it in please step forward.

See I'm not making this up.

Sometime after I posted this the picture was changed. I should have done a screenshot. I know T is reading for sure now. *waves*.

Morgan Ingram Case

Read The blog. Then read the other blog. Then watch the Dr.Phil show There are many parts but the first part shows the other parts. Be sure to take notes while you are reading and watching. Then read this article.

I'm telling if you do this you too will notice what myself and others see. But you won't 'find us on that blog asking TI questions.  But that is NOT ALLOWED. You may ONLY leave a comment if it's dripping in sugar, sucking up  to TI and encouraging TI's behavior. Which btw has become quite stalkerish in it's own right.

Which is why I went from believing every word to questioning it as its been told. It's even harder to follow along when you notice what has changed from place to place to place. It leads to noticing a lie. And then you wonder what else is a lie which leads to finding more lies. Then you are left with only 1 truth. M is gone.

 The biggest piece of this puzzle for me is this:

Dr. Phil asked for hard evidence to take to the police on the spot. The response after much hemming and hawing was "We are parents not investigators" and late on when asked if there was enough evidence if the case was to make it to court and the answer again was no as they are parents not investigators.

Yet on the blog it's all about evidence. Evidence she can't produce. My best guess is she can't produce it because there is no more evidence today than there was a year ago.

She even has spoken to mediums and claims they back up her theory.  Here's the thing tho there is a disclaimer that says its for entertainment purposes only.

I'm sorry M is no longer with us and her parents are having a very hard time accepting what happened.

I'm angry that innocent bystanders are being blames and ran thru the mud.

And I'm not even sure what word to use but I HATE that as a reader that the story keeps changing.

I just wish the other followers of that blog could actually see what I see and so many others too.

Disclaimer: I'm not one of the accused nor am I related to any of them. Tis is in Colorado. I'm in the Northeast. My entire extended family also lives on the East Coast. It's sad I have to include this disclaimer to try to prevent from being added to the list.

I do hope you do the homework. If you do come back and ask any question you have.

Edited: I wrote this up the other day while I was dealing with a nasty headache. I was goint to rewrite what I wrote but decided to just add on to it this morning.

1. In the police reports which can be found clearly states that M was wearing pants and a shirt. No jammies. TI claims the jams are missing and never were found.

2. She now claims she has evidence that she can't release onto the blog because "someone" told her not to. But if you watch Dr. Phil he asked her to provide evidence so HE could HELP her get the case cracked wide open. If she had this evidence then 1 would think that a sane, non lier would hand it over in order to get the case SHE wants opened....opened. She can't put this "evidence" on the blog because it does NOT exist.

3. Also noted in the police reports the cops went over TI's tapes and guess what? They were returned to her because they don't have any lick of evidence.

4. Again if TI had ANY evidence whatsoever Dr. Phil would have helped her open the case again.

5. Each time TI retells her story it changes. Do the reading up on the case and you will see it.

There is more but this post is already long enough. If you do what I pointed out you too will begin to see what I and many others see. It's time to fight back. It's sickening the way TI lies! lies! lies.

Dec 2, 2012

I'm in your footstool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna get ya!

Princess is 5 weeks old in this picture. She is in the bottom part of the footstool as the cloth under there is coming off so it makes her a nice cubby hole and hiding spot.

This was the first time she climbed up in there and was attacking me/the camera every time I tried to get a picture of the cuteness.

Let me back up. She was missing and I couldn't find her. She had escaped the box that I kept her in as I was hand raising her. I found her in the back yard under a camper. Since I live in the country this has turned into a dump the cats you don't want area. Strays are an issue and when I find a Momma cat that has had her babies here I try to rescue them so they don't grow up here in the wild.

Momma was black and I tried to catch her with a live trap but she was too smart for that. So I gathered up the babies and took them to the Vet so they could be placed with Foster Mommies. Princess was the only one who wasn't like the others and I instantly fell in love and kept her for myself.

Anyway she was "lost" and I decided that while I was hunting her down I had to capture her hideing spot on camera so I had it at the ready.

30 mins later I was pushing the foot stool out of the way to check under the couch when something attacked my fingers. So I got down and looked at the foot stool. Couldn't see anything at first so I pulled the cloth bottom and sure enough a kitty leg stuck out to strike  me.

Make your move Smarty Pants

*Sigh* you done YET?

Even now she likes to climb in there and sleep. It's ONE of MANY safe spots she has. It's rather fun first thing in the morning to walk past the stool to get to the bathroom with sleepy eyes and get attacked.  I also notice how much she has changed. Her black mask didn't develop until later on.

Nov 28, 2012

Elf on the shelf

We are doing this and it's so much fun! Stanley the Elf and Snowflake the Snowman are a blast to have around until Christmas. Can't wait to see what they get up to this year! It's possible another of their friends to join us this year but travel plans and such are still being planned.

The kids look forward to the antics every morning!

Nov 25, 2012

Just because

Looking through my pictures I realize I need to get the cam out and get MORE recent pics. In the mean time I have this as a wall paper on my phone and love it.

Nov 23, 2012


Hope everyone had a great day yesterday. Are you Black Friday shopping? I decided I wasn't gonna venture out this year. I'm Anticrowd and don't feel like dealing with it.

Nov 22, 2012

Candid Cam

I don't normally share pictures where the boys are being goofy so I thought I would do so today as a way to make up for missing yesterday. I was busy cleaning for today so I wouldn't have to deal with it today.

This was last year and I was trying to get just ONE picture of the boys at least smiling and looking at the cam like good boys. I have at least a hundred shots from this photo shoot. Most are similar to this one. Only a handful turned out to be close enough to what I was looking for.

Looking at now I realize this the real them anyway and I cherish it more so.

I hope today brings you as much fun and smiles. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Nov 20, 2012

Meet our Princess......

A few days old

Just learned to stand with eyes open

I iz in ur drawer sleeping GO AWAYz

Ahh this is da life in da box!

Iz in Kitteh Jail HELPS.
I iz da stalker

Amazonz got me a box yay!
Boxes and bags are her things. If there IS soda in the soda boxes she will continue to try to get in there until it's almost gone then she will meow at you until you give in and empty the box for her. If the box is in the fridge she will try to climb in after it until you either
A: Shut her in the fridge. She is Ninja and you don't always know she is there.
B: Get tired of closing the fridge door with her IN there that you empty the box and give it  her.
C: All the above.
Almost always C happens.

An open door is her open invitation to use her Ninja skillz to get out. I have learned that IF I can't find her and haven't seen her for awhile I best check the dressers in the house. Somehow she gets in them be it they were left open a smidge or she climbed UNDER the dresser and had her pick of which drawer she was gonna lay in.  My hoodie drawer is her favorite.

She understands that when the microwave goes off  it's time for her to eat. She is hand raised. I made her special kitty formula in a big batch so I could heat it up for her in feeding sizes. She stalks you with your food. I  have her spoiled cause I share.

When the kids are home she hides in boxes and watches them. If they get too close she runs to  me and since I wear hoodies now that it's COLD she curls up in the hood part and either watches them or sleeps.

Whoever named her Princess should be shot. Wait....that would be me so strike that. She has taken her name and turned into an attitude. She is Princess. Do as she says. NOW.

Nov 19, 2012

30 Days of pictures

              I'm going to try to bring my blog back to life. The best way to start that I think is to post a picture or two a day for a month. Some of you will be shocked at how much the kiddos have grown.

                                                                 Sammy Sam 7
                                                                    Gregory 10
                                                                        Curtis 11
                                   And in a group it is impossible to get all 3 to smile at the same moment. No matter what I do or say. I could stand on my head, dressed as a monkey, doing elephant sounds and they still wouldn't be smiling or looking at the camera at the same time. It is a law that must be obeyed at all times. I'm still not sure what happens if the law is broken as they have yet to break it.