Mar 31, 2008

Potty Training....

All weekend Sam has used the potty!!! I will admit he kept his pull up on because I could never catch him before he made a stinky poo. That is until last night! He went poo in the potty! I was able to catch him last night. He normally goes up to his room and then he comes down saying "I farted" when it reallly was not a fart but a poopy. I was on the couch watching Big Brother 9 when he crawled to the couch and was playing puppy. He stood up and looked at me and I knew from his red face what was happening. I put him on and he did it! On the potty chair. Which by the way goes unused because he prefers the big one. I don't care as long as he goes! Upon being done I had a mess to clean up. Let's just say that he sits too far back on the potty and it was all over the back of the potty. So I took it apart to clean it up. I thought I had the blue ring insert cleaned up. I come back from cleaning out the bowl part and Sam has the ring on his head. The cushy blue ring on his head. The part that I thought I had cleaned up. I took the ring off his head only to find that I did not have it cleaned like I thought I did. Did I tell you that just before Big Brother came on that I did baths?? So Sam got 2 last night to clean the poo off his head. During the bath daddy kept calling Sam Poopy Head. And Sam kept shouting "No! Head"
Sam is still using the potty this morning! And for the record even though Sam started this whole thing months ago all on his own....I am not pushing Sam. Sam is doing this all on his own. Sure it has dragged on and on and on and on for months and months and months. However I forsee in the near future that Sam will be totally trained. I have hope for him yet!

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Holding It Together said...

Visiting from the autism awareness list - yea to Sam!!

We are just now at the point where our son is potty trained at 6 years old and it is a wonderful feeling!!