Nov 20, 2012

Meet our Princess......

A few days old

Just learned to stand with eyes open

I iz in ur drawer sleeping GO AWAYz

Ahh this is da life in da box!

Iz in Kitteh Jail HELPS.
I iz da stalker

Amazonz got me a box yay!
Boxes and bags are her things. If there IS soda in the soda boxes she will continue to try to get in there until it's almost gone then she will meow at you until you give in and empty the box for her. If the box is in the fridge she will try to climb in after it until you either
A: Shut her in the fridge. She is Ninja and you don't always know she is there.
B: Get tired of closing the fridge door with her IN there that you empty the box and give it  her.
C: All the above.
Almost always C happens.

An open door is her open invitation to use her Ninja skillz to get out. I have learned that IF I can't find her and haven't seen her for awhile I best check the dressers in the house. Somehow she gets in them be it they were left open a smidge or she climbed UNDER the dresser and had her pick of which drawer she was gonna lay in.  My hoodie drawer is her favorite.

She understands that when the microwave goes off  it's time for her to eat. She is hand raised. I made her special kitty formula in a big batch so I could heat it up for her in feeding sizes. She stalks you with your food. I  have her spoiled cause I share.

When the kids are home she hides in boxes and watches them. If they get too close she runs to  me and since I wear hoodies now that it's COLD she curls up in the hood part and either watches them or sleeps.

Whoever named her Princess should be shot. Wait....that would be me so strike that. She has taken her name and turned into an attitude. She is Princess. Do as she says. NOW.

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