Dec 2, 2012

I'm in your footstool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna get ya!

Princess is 5 weeks old in this picture. She is in the bottom part of the footstool as the cloth under there is coming off so it makes her a nice cubby hole and hiding spot.

This was the first time she climbed up in there and was attacking me/the camera every time I tried to get a picture of the cuteness.

Let me back up. She was missing and I couldn't find her. She had escaped the box that I kept her in as I was hand raising her. I found her in the back yard under a camper. Since I live in the country this has turned into a dump the cats you don't want area. Strays are an issue and when I find a Momma cat that has had her babies here I try to rescue them so they don't grow up here in the wild.

Momma was black and I tried to catch her with a live trap but she was too smart for that. So I gathered up the babies and took them to the Vet so they could be placed with Foster Mommies. Princess was the only one who wasn't like the others and I instantly fell in love and kept her for myself.

Anyway she was "lost" and I decided that while I was hunting her down I had to capture her hideing spot on camera so I had it at the ready.

30 mins later I was pushing the foot stool out of the way to check under the couch when something attacked my fingers. So I got down and looked at the foot stool. Couldn't see anything at first so I pulled the cloth bottom and sure enough a kitty leg stuck out to strike  me.

Make your move Smarty Pants

*Sigh* you done YET?

Even now she likes to climb in there and sleep. It's ONE of MANY safe spots she has. It's rather fun first thing in the morning to walk past the stool to get to the bathroom with sleepy eyes and get attacked.  I also notice how much she has changed. Her black mask didn't develop until later on.

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