Dec 7, 2012


Of lies. Either T herself has ripped the picture herself or a supporter did it. So I hope the person who sent this into to T comes forward and leaves their name here.

Where's the evidence you say? Look at the picture that is posted here.

I will wait for you.

You back?

Ok Good. I have another place for you to look at over here.

You want page 1 picture number 6. Or a direct link is here. The direct link has the name of the website it is from in the URL and has the website name on the bottom of the pic.

Some one is lieing. It's either T (my suspect) or a supporter of her bullshitting story. Which one do you think it is? If a supporter sent it in please step forward.

See I'm not making this up.

Sometime after I posted this the picture was changed. I should have done a screenshot. I know T is reading for sure now. *waves*.

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