Nov 18, 2012

It was the Turtles I tell you!

Not sure what to tittle this yet. I will tho by the time I finish writing this post.

It appears by using my own platform to let readers of the blogosphere know that NOT all comments are posted on a blog because the Author of the blog ONLY allows supporting comments only....I'm now a victim blamer. If you leave a comment asking a question that you as a reader have it won't be posted. SOME questions are posted. But not all. You have to be a unicorn with rainbows and butterflies coming out your rearend before you and after you ask your question. I'd rather be able to just come out with "Why wasn't a camera ever put on the window if that is where the tapping was happening". But that's not allowed to be asked.  I finally had enough of the bullshit and decided to bring my questions here where at some point those in the blogosphere will land here and see what is REALLY going on. ONLY supporting comments are allowed. You can NOT just leave a question. I know it's her blog blah blah blah.

But what's the point of putting the story out there if you won't allow those with questions to be heard? I am Team Morgan. Team for truth. Team for let's do another investigation. I'm not against the cause. The cause however is biased.  If a reader can't ask a question and get a response back why bother even allowing comments?

Oh that's right. Your comment will make it if you are supportive and demanding justice for the Others to be prosecuted even with the lack of evidence that a crime was even committed.

I'm sorry I'm not blindly jumping on the band wagon and drinking the koolaid. I have a right to ask questions. One would think if what you were really writing was the truth 100% then ALL questions and comments would be approved.

The good news is that I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm just the only one willing to risk it by using my own blog in the blogosphere to let others know what's going on.

And what's really going on?

A grief stricken mother is unable to accept the truth. Yet has NO EVIDENCE to back up her claims which I feel very very soon will land her in hot water. I'd be a kool-aid drinking band wagoner if there was evidence to support her claims. There is none. She tried oh so hard to provide it but in the end she can't. It's sad really.  I'm here if you want to discuss the "evidence" she has on her blog. They were taken out of context and given a story of their very own in order to fit the "stalking" case.

Even Morgan herself wasn't that afraid. This is backed up in the actual police reports of the "stalking". The Detective on the case would ONLY be notified by EMAIL the NEXT day. Rarely AS IT WAS ALL HAPPENING. And she herself barely discussed it with the detectives.

Her theory of the "stalking" and "murdah" wants us to forget reality and how much of it is nearly impossible. Well unless you really are a Ninja. A well trained one. Never make mistakes EVER. 10000% perfect in all your Ninja skills. Which reminds me of something...........

There is so much more to cover for now I'll leave you with my last thought:

Seriously I think I just figured the case out. It was the TMNTs that did this. Now which one was it? I think it was the one in purple. You? (And this gives me the tittle of the post good deal!) LOL

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