Nov 16, 2012

Hello Blogosphere, I miss you!

A lot has happened since the last time I posted. All of that is for another day.

Today I'd like to focus on something else entirely. And I'm positive this is going to blow up but that's okay. I want everyone to know that ANY and ALL comments that are left here will be posted. I will not edit them I will not delete them. Every last comment is welcomed.

Are you ready to hear to what I have to say? I hope so.

First off a few places for you to read up on. You will want to do this before you read what I have to say about it.  No I take that back. I will give you a brief run down.

Have you heard of Morgan Ingram yet? If you watch Dr. Phil then I'm sure you have. If not well Morgan is a girl who passed away December 2, 2011. It was ruled a suicide and unfortunately her parents don't accept that and are claiming it's murder via stalking.

Before we go any further I want you to personally read the reports on this case. You can find them at Truth For Morgan. I know it's a ton of reading but you really should read them before you visit my next link. It's the place where Morgan's Mom is writing what she feels has taken place. But Truth For Morgan really should be read first. Go on and I'll wait for you.

You back? Ok good. Now you may visit Morgan's Mom's blog. But before you do there is only 1 thing I want you to know. Comments over there are not as open as they are here. If you question the Mom she won't approve your comment. If you don't  believe what she is saying she won't post your comment. And the best of all? If you don't support her in ANY way you become part of the Ninja Stalker Gang.

Look I feel for her that she lost her daughter. I'm a Mom myself and I can't imagine the hell I'd be in  personally if I were to well I'm  not even go there.

ALL that matters is that help is offered and given and taken. I fear for what may be in the future if this is continued to go on.

I only supplied you with 2 links. But I assure you with Mr. Google's help you will find MUCH MUCH more on this. When you are done I'd welcome your comments/thoughts on the matter.

The ONLY rule I have is that NO names other than Morgan's may be used here.  None.

I hope to have a decent conversation talking about this case here.

Happy Reading!


Edited to add in response to a new post.....looking for the real truth and looking for real answers is not victim blaming. I do think a new investigation should be opened in order to put this to rest once and for all. I'm sorry Morgan committed suicide. I'm sorry her parents can't/ won't accept the truth. I'm sorry they are on this grief filled path. I'm sorry Morgan is no longer with us. Bottom line is the truth is the ONLY thing that matters. Read the links. Come to your own conclusions and lets have a real conversation about it. I'll wait for you.  None of the comments that have been left by me and others are NOT victim blaming comments. Just ones asking questions. Questions that the writer of the other blog refuse to allow other readers to read. I 100% support a new investigation looking at all not just one or two or 10 but all then circling out from there.

I'm here ready to have 100% open conversation about this. I feel confident enough to put this out there so we can.

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