Mar 4, 2009

Bad Blogger….Bad

I know the last time I was on this blog was when I wrote about getting the puppies. I had planned on writing about their training from the stuff like sit and shake to the housebreaking. What I did not know then is that having 2 puppies and 3 boys in the house……ALL MALE was going through me for a loop. I do have Sucker on my forehead. If my camera was working I would be able to show proof.

Rocko is smart. I can’t  keep up with him as he wants to learn everything there is to learn RIGHT now and there is now waiting end of story. Even when he has to go potty you better be ready to go out the door otherwise he will leave a present. But I’m getting better and faster. The boys are too. What? Of course they are going to help take care of them! Though they are not so little anymore…the puppies. I can’t have the boys taking them outside alone unless I want to spend the next 30 mins to an hour to get them  back in the house. Rocko can sit, stay (almost), come to my side (I say side pat my leg and he  knows to come up and sit by my side and not move), shake, roll over and sit pretty. Oh and come.

Balto on the other hand he has no  need to learn. He looks at me with his head tilted like I’m Looney and dropped out of the sky at that very moment.  He can sit and shake but it takes a lot of coaching (oh hell just read lots of treats!!!!)

I have done lost my mind. And now that I’m not going outside in the snow every 10 mins I have time to find my mind again. I know I know I have said that a few times only to disappear again.  I don’t think anyone could deal with 2 puppies, 3 boys and a Hubby and still have time for blogging. Lots to catch up on here on this blog but I promise….cross my heart, hope to die and if I do stick a needle in my eye, that I will be back!

The kids real quick as it’s about time to go back out in the cold here is a run down:

Curtis is not holding his own in school. Waiting for a meeting to address this.
Gregory is holding his own and more!!!! 110% better than last year….woo HOoo!!!!!!!!!
Sam is in school and talking up a storm. And can you believe that this child is NOT Potty Trained??? Stubborn and willful child. More on this later.
I now own a laptop, Wii and the Wii Fit.
DH is working like a mad man.

That’s all until Tomorrow at 9am I promise!!!!!!


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