Jan 4, 2009

Meet Balto!

I must have sucker tattoed on my forehead. I got talked into by DH to bring another puppy home from the litter that Grandma has. This one is Balto. Rocko and Balto. I hate that their names rhyme but it's what he was named by MiL. In fact they both come running when I say just one name so it does make it that much easier. But also that much harder to teach them who is who.

Gregory is so very happy! From birth he has laid claim to Balto! He's my friend! When I came in the door with him on Jan. 2, Gregory shouted from the roof tops: My friend is here my friend is here!!!!!!!!

Curtis is happy cause we have two puppies! And Sam is too! Though he is confused cause Balto is the same light brownish color as Grandma's dog Dozer (German Shepard/Collie mix) and is calling him Dozer.

Tomarrow the kids go back to school which will give me time to train the pups. Not just the usual sit, stay, shake bit either. In, up, down, house, home,yard and every other command I can come up with. Fun times around here!

Forgot to add the photos.

Balto is on the left and Rocko on the right (looking at the picture)

One more thing they are husky and black lab mix. Balto has the husky markings with the lab hair. Rocko is marked like a lab with husky hair.


Honeybell said...

Puppies are so cute, but WOW. I don't envy you!

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yeah,,the puppies are indeed soo cute..

Meg said...

oh what cuties!!!!

Mom said...


$niper said...

I will SShoot ur with :) ! I hope U enjoyment beib ;)

Elizabeth said...

Aww, they are both such cute puppies!

Sam said...

Wow!! Puppies are soo cute, looks so beautiful! I love Puppie.