Sep 19, 2008

Fuck This Friday

I was visiting HoneyBell this morning and got some inspiration for a "Fuck This" series. It's a list of things that have been pissing me off for through out the week. And because I have not had not one word to say in a week...this totally called out to me!!!!

1. The bus driver. Sam has started fussing when his brothers get off the bus at school before him so they can go eat breakfast as school. The one they get at home is not enough even when it consisits of pancakes, eggs and sausage. They HAVE to eat there. Anyways because Sam is fussing she wants me to tell her what do to. I have told her just calmly tell Sam it's okay. Say it a few times and he will stop. Yet every morning and afternoon she wants me to tell her what to do. I don't think she has a brain anymore.

2. My pc is on my list. For some reason every few months it will stop reading Hubby's iPod Shuffle. I have figured out each and every time how to fix the issue. But for some reason now that it has happened yet again I can't figure it out. I'm ready to throw it out the window. But then doing that will leave me without all my friends who live in it!

3.The length people will go, on a community site that is designed for Mom's and Dad's to get together, chat, give advice, get advice, meet new people when the days of parenting can bring you down.....when they don't get features they want the very absolute second they want it. I have a feeling if I hear one more word about Siggies and Thread Memory I will shoot the next person who says it with a note that says "The team is working on it. Please stop beating the horse dead because believe me it's dead already and has been for months."

I secretly wish that it had taken place among bloggers. Because the way it would have been handled would be the topic of the year. Seriously think about what you as a blogger would do if someone claimed you said something and even tried to quote what you said but quoting other bloggers...would do and what you think your readers would do! And all the other bloggers would do knowing the words were put with the wrong person.
And then that someone has the nerve to bitch because someone's words were taken out of context.
(did you follow that? it's important that you do)
I no longer feel like I'm among grown ups. I feel like someone has left me in a room of about a million 2 yr olds.

And that my friends is what is pissing me off this week.

I had to edit this for spelling and change the tittle.


Honeybell said...

LOL! I'm so happy to be such an inspiration! But do you feel better now???

momto4kidsny said...

Honeybell...I sure do feel better!!
Thanks for the inspiration!!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness. I don't want that F word in my brain. I hope you make a new post soon so I don't have to see it. Thanks.