Sep 10, 2008

First few days of school...

It' s been a few days since my last post. I sat down with a book and got lost. I finished that book and got lost in another which I also finished! Reading used to be my thing before kids and it kinda took a very back burner only reading here and there. So how are the kids doing in school?

Curtis and Gregory are having good days and are enjoying themselves. This year Curtis will have homework at some point but I'm still waiting for that to show up. I'm thinking they are still settling in. Also waiting for them both to bring home books too. I have nothing to worry about them....yet:)

Now Sam. Sam is the one who is going to make my hair turn gray as I already see the grays coming in! The first 2 days Gregory was home with me. Sam goes half days and is in a small class of just 6 kids so he has 5 kids in his class with him! Those first 2 days I thought for sure I was going to go off the deep end and get the duct tape out. When Curtis got home from school, Sam turned mean and nasty. I barely got dinner on the table because I could NOT leave Sam alone with Curtis. Hitting, kicking, pulling hair, screaming, even choking. Sam refused to allow Curtis in the same room with him much less in the same house. Nothing and I do mean nothing I did to correct Sam or try to talk to him worked. He would just go right back at it. Thursday night he attacked me. I got a few bruises from that. Friday when he got home from school I shut everything off and we just sat on the couch together and within minutes he was asleep. I chewed my fingernails and tiptoed around the house not wanting to wake him. Curtis and Gregory got home and Sam woke up. I was prepared for battle. And nothing. Sam hugged his brothers and they all had a great evening. Sam now takes a nap the minute he gets home because quite frankly I'm scared what will happen if he don't.
I got word yesterday that Sam is now comfortable in school. He is tuneing out the teacher when asked to do something. He won't sit still for Music. He only eats breakfast there. Sometimes a few bites of lunch. Well let's see.. he tunes me out too. Here at home he dances to music...any kind of music...including music from commercials so I think he knows music is for dancing.

As for his lunch...let's see would your 3 yr old eat Spinach Quiche or ruben casserole or pea salad??????

Let's be frank here...I won't even eat any of that myself. If they would get a kid freindly lunch menu put together the kids would eat. I now feed him lunch when he gets home on the days I know he won't be eating there.

So that is how school is going. I have a feeling it's only the beginning for Sam! I'm ready give me all ya got:)


Honeybell said...

Oh how I miss reading the good stuff!

That lunch menu doesn't sound inviting at all. What are they thinking?

KentuckyGal said...

The administration at the school doesn't sound any smarter (for all their education) than the folks in charge where I work! *sheesh* Good luck to you and your kids!

Christina said...

Thank you for running my EC today!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get lost in a book! I would not eat any of the things you listed~they need to serve kid food.