Oct 5, 2008

Teachers, schools and other things

I have not been spending alot of time online in the past month. School has started and Curtis is having trouble adjusting. Only I did not find out until this past Friday. I am going to the school Monday Morning to hand her a piece of my mind in such a way that she won't even know that I did. Curtis has been physically removed from his class EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! since school started because of meltdowns by the princable. No one bothered to call me. No one bothered to send me a letter or even a phone call. Nothing. Notta. Zip. I had called the teacher because I had a rough morning getting Curtis dressed for school and I wanted her to be aware. She took the time out to inform me of the issues they are having and wanted me to tell her what to do.
*bangs head on keyboard*
See I used a form of communication. I'm the Mom. It's my job. Maybe I'm crazy in thinking that the school should also use a form of communication with me? No? I didn't think so. I have been struggling with Curtis to get his homework done every day. I have sent in notes to the teacher. I went to open house. Plenty of chances to tell me what is really going in school. Not BS that he is doing well and such a delight to have in class. And we will come up with a plan to get him to do his homework and I will call you. I'm so hot to trot over this.
I thought it was a home issue. Daddy's schedule has changed and working overtime right now. So we thought this was the problem. Curtis hates change and does do well with it at all. So we were working through it thinking this was it. Talk about running into a brick wall in the dark.
I was working on half the problem.
I do have good news and wonderful news!
The good news: Sam and Gregory are both adjusting quite well in school. I have met with Gregory's teacher before school started and again at open house and I can trust that she is totally giving me the real deal. Unlike some people. Sam is also doing well in school! Though Mondays he has the hardest time with but really who does on a Monday?? Not me!
The Wonderful news. We will be starting our move next weekend! Even though we could totally move next weekend and be done with it...I need just a little more time than that to get the boys' transferred. As much as I am looking forward to this as the new school is so much smaller and maybe it will be a second start for Curtis. I have to be honest. I'm scared to death of moving them. I started 7th grade in a new school new state and I failed big time. I know the boys are younger and will have an easier time than I did. But I'm scared. I want my blankie so I can curl up in a ball until it's over.
I have not admited this fear to anyone. It's enough that I fear calling both schools and doing all the paper work and running between the two. It's enough fear to make it a little hard to breathe.
I am a smoker (I don't want to hear it. It's the ONE thing that is mine and mine alone and I don't have to share so please keep anything not nice to yourself) and I have been smoking more than I did 2 weeks ago. And we just go the go ahead yesterday.
I am starting everything Monday. If I can survive this then I can survive anything!


Honeybell said...

Based on Curtis' teacher, sounds this move is due . . . how frustrating!

Good luck to you, it's going to be a transition, but you'll get through it!

momto4kidsny said...

I don't think I could have planned the move at a better time since moving during the summer was out of the question at the end.

Thanks for the luck!!!