Aug 12, 2008


In the past few weeks despite the issue with cleaning up toys the kids are making improvements...mostly with Sam though.

There was a time when Gregory got over his fear of strangers and started talking to anyone who will listen. My talks about stranger danger seems to have sunk in. He is no longer telling the cashiers or anyone else in a store everything there is to know about what we are doing that day, where we have been, who is driving and what we are buying and why! This is huge! I feared for the longest time anyone could walk up to him to ask for help to find a missing puppy and he would go. Now he puts his head down and won't even look at people in stores. Will have to work on a happy medium but for now I'm pleased! Now if I can just get Curtis to follow suit. Though Gregory keeps after Curtis about this. He tells Curtis to stop talking cause Mommy says.

Curtis sensory seeking is at an all time low. It's wierd to see him sitting on the couch reading a big pile of books! I'm thinking the books are giving him another kind of imput. No I'm not complaining about this one...I'm soaking it all up and enjoying the rare peace in the house!!!!!! He has picked up a love for reading and for that I'm grateful and Daddy is beaming with pride as reading is not something he can do well and has always wanted the boys to read better than he is! He is even basking in reading time with the boys cause Curtis is reading to daddy! Can't get any better than that!

Sam is picking up words and using fragmented sentences!!!!! Mommy hungry, Mommy Mickey Mouse, Mommy thirsty, Mommy nuggets, Mommy where daddy? And the ABC's too
And numbers when he is counting something anything
Yes he sure can get to 7 without a mistake. He is trying his hardest to get to 10 but he loses his place after 7. Though sometimes in the middle of play he will bellow out 8 9 10 and then Mommy count. So we work together to count.
He also says Daddy, Curis, Geoiy and Ganma Ganpa when before everyone under the sun was mommy.
I'm proud shocked awed amazed what he is picking up.
Though I have a confession.
Some of what he is learning he is not learning from me. Nope.
Instead it's Mickey Mouse, Little know what put your TV on the disney channel starting at 8am and you will find the shows he is learning from.
Again my children proove that TV can help children learn and not as bad as experts want us to believe!!!
This is how the boys in this house have learned the basics. Stuff for whatever reason I can't teach them on my own but with the help of the TV I can teach them.
Go ahead tell me it's bad cause I have proof it's not!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like great things are going on at your place! Keep up the good work. And I happen to agree that TV and even video games can be great learning devices.

kailani said...

LOL! I agree! When people ask how my daughter got so smart, I say I owe it all to Elmo. hee hee