Aug 4, 2008


Yesterday was a breath of fresh air around here. Hubby had me take the car alone to town to put gas in it. To be alone in a car is the most amazing feeling. I felt free. If you are used to being able to just take the car and go you may not realize how freeing it is. I got the gas station paid for gas, pumped the gas and drove back home. Hubby is lucky he had to work cause let me tell you if he did have to work I don't think I would have come back home so quick. I got a taste and I want more. I wanted to into the store and get a feel of what it's like to be alone. Actually alone. Sure I have gone into a store before without hubby or the kids but the thing is that they are always out in the car waiting for me to rush in and out. What would it really be like to take myself to the store and do my thing in the store without Hubby asking if we are done yet, without the kids crying because I won't buy them the latest newest $1oo toy. Who has that kind of money anways? Not to mention I would not be able to buy just one but 4.
I'm not quite there yet but soon. My goal is to have a car of my own before next summer. And I have goals I want to complete next summer. I want to take the kids to the zoo, camping, to the glass museum, to the science museum, and any other place I happen to think of to do with them.
In the meantime I need to practice my backing up. Sure I can do it but I need to get more dead on. I also need to get more comfortable with driving in towns. Again I can do that but I'm still iffy to do so alone. Weird I know. But I think it has alot to do with the fact that I'm not a teenager. I'm older and I'm a Mom and I want to be as careful as I can be. This also stems from the few accidents I have been involved in my lifetime. Even if I was a passenger. I don't want my kids to ever have to feel that fear. Though I know I can't prevent it from happening because it's out of my control but it's in my control when I'm behind the wheel.
I got a taste of freedom and now I'm ready for more! Bring it on!


Anonymous said...

I know exactly the freedom you speak of. I love to drive around alone without a time limit; but it doesn't happen often.

Anonymous said...

I love the freedom of the car too.. well, I used to, before last Friday. Ugh. Anyway... don't let anyone run a red light in front of you!

book_it said...

Freedom is a great thing... as well as "alone" time. hope you get a lot more of it. ;)