Aug 2, 2008

For The Love of Chocolate.....Stop!

Somewhere, someone in my neck of the universe has given a few colleges and other places the wrong phone number and that phone number happens to be mine! For the last 7 days when I answer my phone it goes like this:

Me: Hello?
salesperson: May I please speak with Benniffer?* This is George from a certain online college.
me: I'm sorry but no one here with the name Benniffer lives here and never has.
salesperson: Do you know when Beniffer will be in?
me: You have the wrong number. No such person in this house has that name!!!!
salesperson: Let me give you the number and then you tell me if I dialed's 555-555-5555
(of course all the fives are the ones that come into my house)
me: yes that is my number my name is MomTo4KidsNy**. No one here has the name Beniffer so you need to loose MY number before I turn you in! If your number shows up on my caller id I will file a harrasement charge against you because I can legally proove that no one at this phone number is named Benniffer.
salesperson: I'm sorry I bothered you and I will take your number out of our system.
me: Good! *click*

And one would think George got the clue. Well in truth George got the clue. However George's coworkers Barb, Linda, Ken, Barbie, G.I. Joe still call my house looking for Bennifer. However the phone number on my caller ID keeps changing. And I'm logging every single number that calls my house looking for Bennifer.

And since I started to write this post I have had this exact same conversation 6 times with six diffrent people from the same damn place! I now have my phone on Do Not Disturb! So go ahead and try to call again because you will get my voicemail and which case you will not be able to leave a message because I turned off the option to leave a message!

*I changed the name to protect the innocent ones who might have the same name but is not the one who gave out my number.
** I used my blog name here just because I used my FULL name....first, middle and last name on the phone and I'm not going to do THAT here.
*** I also made up the names of those calling me because when they said their name I blocked it out.

I find it wierd that someone pulled a bunch of numbers out of the air for a phone number and they happen to be mine. Too bad I don't know a Bennifer.

****I was about to click on publish post when my caller id started flashing. I picked up the phone and the boys are fighting over who gets to talk to SpiderMan******* Yea I'm evil like that:)


Jamie E said...

we have lived her 5 plus years and still get phone calls for the people who had the # before. For some reason they cant get it thru their thick heads that same # is not equal to same address. On top of it, they ask for Allie. I always say- "um, she's 5 can I help you?"

Tidbits Of Tammy said...

That is so annoying. If you have not heard this already check this out maybe you might could have a little fun and stop the calls.

Very funny.

Lucky said...

When I was a kid my parents got my brothers and I a line of our own so that we didnt tie up the main house line (this was years ago before cell phones). It happened that the number we got was one number off of a hotel and another number off of a pizza place. It also happened to be the number that a girl made up and left in a note before she ran away from home.
My brothers and I had some fun with the situation. We had contests who could come up with the best way to answer the phone. It was a lot of fun.
In your situation, I would have put on an answering message that said "you've reached (your name) and bennifer. To leave a message for bennifer, call ________(look up the local reject phone number for your area.)
If you're not familiar with the reject hotline, it's a number that when you call it says "welcome to the reject hotline. If you are calling, it means someone never wants to speak to you again."
It then goes into all sorts of options to comfort you.

Lots of fun.

momto4kidsny said...

jamie e....I think it would be more fun if I had a child in the house named Bennifer! Hilarious I tell you!

Tidbits of tammy: I will have to check out the video! Thanks!

lucky: I have not heard of the reject number and will have to look that up! It sounds like so much fun!! It must have been a blast to answer the phone for hotels and pizza joints! I could only wish I was getting those calls! LOL thanks for the info!

momto4kidsny said...

tidbits of tammy...I just watched it and I have actually seen them before on a show on CMT! I should really do something like this! I'm laughing so hard I'm about to pee!