Aug 31, 2008

All my work is paying off!!

This will be the boys' room when we move around the end September! It's not totally done yet but I thought it was done enough to show off the work that I have done so far cause frankly I'm so proud of it! Of Course Grandma and Grandpa did work too! Well actually all I did was put the paint up but still.....

This is the farthest wall in the room. The window that is not whited out actually looks out to the front door:

This is the opposite wall:

This is a close up of the Chocolate Indulgence (the actual name of the brown paint) door frame against the blue:

I swear the floor is darker than it's showing up here. Grandpa did the floor:

And this is the window that was glaring white in the first picture! It looks out to Grandma and Grandpa's house! I'm jealous that they get the room with the bay window.

All that is left or at least it was the last time I heard was to put up the moldings I stained, the new windows and the frames which I might end up doing too.
Just one problem though.
The day Grandma and I were painting with the blue I was hit withe idea of painting chocolate brown stripes on the wall to help break up the blue. It's a small room and the blue is overwhelming me. Can just imagine what the boys think. Well I actually know what Curtis is should be GREEN and not BLUE. The first words he said when the blue was first going up. Too late now. Being that the moldings are stained with a brownish stain I'm trying to figure out of that will settle my urge to put the stripes on. And then I did the door frame. And the need/urge just won't leave me alone. I dream in the middle of the night of doing the stripes. If I was to do this it would be the same color on the door frame which is also going on the dressers (which are currently pink because they were given to us).
What do you think??
To do the stripes or not do the stripes?
If I was to to do the stripes there would be just a few per wall. And I would follow the natural lines from the paneling.
All thoughts are welcome:)


Anonymous said...

JMO~I would definitely do the strips. Everything looks great so far~Great Job!!!

Christine said...

It does look great! I would do the stripes too, as long as they weren't too thick. Great job

Anonymous said...

STRIPES... definitely stripes!!! I can't wait to see the final look!