Aug 28, 2008

10 Things I have learned this summer:

1. No matter how much food is fixed per meal and snack: Your child will turn around 10 mins later begging you for more food. It can be a 20 course meal and they will still complain they are hungry.

2. Even when all the good snacks (chocolate, chips, crackers, cheese, yogurt) is all gone and there are grapes, watermelon, oranges, apples, etc in the house the kids will tell you they are starving to death however they will not touch all the other snacks in the house no matter how hungry they say they are.

3. When doing home improvements your self and you want to stain something to give it an updated look....use paper towels to stain it. It's easier, will spread better, easier, and faster than using a paint brush. Then use paper towels to wipe the stain off again (one for each hand). Simple and Easy.

4. When painting a ceiling even if you can reach it without a ladder or stepstool, get an extended handle for the roller. Trust me it will save your back, shoulders and arms. (Here I need to take my own advice)

5. When painting and your kids no longer come to you begging to paint with you after 3 mins you need to put the paint brush down and go see. Otherwise they are up to something and you won't like the outcome of it at all.

6. Your 3 yr old is capable of doing the unthinkable stuff. They can climb on dressers and sit on the top and call for you to come get them down. They can find a paintbrush and help you paint and it will be where you don't want paint. They can also figure out how to work a camera too.

7. You can tell your child No 100,000 times at Grandma's house. However it will only take Grandma to say No once. It's the rule.

8. When your 3 old goes to bed at 9 and you want them to go to bed at 8 because they will be starting school in a week they will not go to sleep until 11. And they will sleep in the following morning just because they can. Just accept the 9 pm bedtime and be happy with it.

9. Even when you think your 3 yr old is sleeping and you say a bad word there is a good chance your 3 yr old will wake up just to repeat your bad word 30 times until falling to sleep for the night for real. And you will find this hilarious and you won't be able to stop laughing!

10. Your 7 year old is no longer a baby. They are coming into their own at this age. You are no longer raising a 7 year old. They are now 7 going on 16. I kid you not!!!!! And because of this the younger ones in the house will follow suit. This is not in the books so I will pass this on for others so they know what to expect when they have a 7 year old going on 16 of their own!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with #1~my kids are "grazers" and always looking for something to eat. Thanks for tip in #3, as I am about to strip and re-stain an old table. #4 I learned 2 summers ago and it is 100% true. I also have experienced #7 and it drives me nuts! And I am still laughing at #9!

Great post!!! :)

momto4kidsny said...

eeyore:Paper towels will make the staining of your table so much easier and faster! Your welcome!! I'm still laughing at #9 too!

Renee said...

I am finding 7 a tough age...he is starting to reason and debate with me and I feel like pulling out my hair..At this point I am terrified of puberty.

momto4kidsny said...

renee: I'm with you all the way!!

Shannon@Vogue Mum said...

#1 SOOO true! my kids eat and a few minutes later begging for more.

#6 That sounds just like my 3 year old! No fear whatsoever but for some reason cannot get off the top bunk he got himself onto.

#7 Ain't that the truth! That's how it is with my kids and the in-laws. They don't even whine when Grandma says no.

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KentuckyGal said...

Words to live by!