Sep 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary

It's been 7 years since we got married and 8 years since we have been a couple. I can't believe we have made it this long together! We have proven to everyone who said we would never make it to year 2, that we have what it takes.
In the last 7 years we have survived so much together and man did we have bumps, boulders and mountains in our path. Together though we managed to jump, push and climb our way to continue on our path. There were even a few times when one or both of us thought we could not possibly move another step forward and then we would come to our senses and work twice as hard to keep going. Even today we have molehill in our path but I'm confident that as long as we keep talking and working together we can get up and over this one too! So what have the last 7 years brought to us? Let's see:
Within a few months of dating we were having a baby. 7 years ago today we got married. And I will never forget the way I felt standing in front of family and friends and the judge. I was so happy that I was shaking and felt so week in my knees that everyone was just waiting for me to go down. We even managed to get a chuckle in when out of the blue someone is cussing out the cat because he would not leave anyone alone and kept trying to climb up a dress. After everything we packed up Curtis went to burger king for dinner and then went home and to bed. That was the first night in 2 months that Curtis slept all night and would be the last night until he turned 4.
Mike came into the picture. Our first real test. Though I think it would not have been so bad had he learned that phone calls at 2am with a baby in the house was not acceptable. He should have learned that with the first phone call at 2 am when I had an hour's of sleep under my belt and spent 2 hours with Curtis to get him back to sleep and he just went back to sleep when the phone rang. Instead of saying hello I said someone better be dieing or dead to call at this hour. It would be 4am when we all would make it back to bed only for the phone to ring again at 6am. Looking back I find this funny! I guess not only were we being tested but your friendship with him was too.
We have Gregory. Pure daddy's boy through and through even knew this the first few days we were home with him. No matter what I did to prevent him from peeing or pooing on me it would fail each and every time. Though you were able to change him with no problems. Without your support and love I would not have made it through his first year.
Nolan came into the picture and we were tested again. We almost didn't make it. Though we somehow found our way through it. Looking back now though he just came at the wrong time. I was still trying to make it through with Gregory and Curtis didn't want anything to do with me since I had a baby and he felt betrayed by me. On top of that he was starting IE at the time too. For the way we both handled that...someone should have hit us over the head. We made it though.
And then came Sam.
I thought for sure someone else from your past would show up at this point. I held my breath waiting for the phone to ring at 2 am or a knock on the door at 6am. It never did come. Just a few minor bumps here and there but we have been able to pull through them!
Man we have been through alot together! If we can survive a Mike and a Nolan we can survive just about anyone else showing up out of the blue! I truely loved every part of our lives together even the Nolans and the Mikes of the world because I know they were just testing us and we passed! And together with our love we can survive anything that comes our way!
I love you and I so look forward to what the next countless years bring our way cause I'm ready!

Even with the current mole hill in our way I know in the bottom of my heart we can and will get over it, around and past it too!

ETA: Happy Labor Day all! And this is post number 200...will have to do something tomarrow to celebrate that too.


Honeybell said...

Lovely Becky. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

KentuckyGal said...

What a wonderful tribute to your years together!

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momto4kidsny said...

honeybell: Thank you!!

Kentuckygal: Thank you as well!!

eeyore: Thank you very much!