Aug 24, 2008

August 21, 2008

Curtis lost a front tooth! I wish he would sit still long enough to get a small video of him talking because now he has a cute lisp going on. I thought it was cute the way he talked before with his speech delay.....this is even cuter! On this day we went to pick up some paint. On the way there he kept saying something and I could not figure it out. This is what I was hearing if I can get into words:
Acks: Axes? No mom.

enits: Dentist? NO!

onctes: Doctors? No (laughing) that's funny.

exes: taxes? No what is that? money we pay to the goverment on stuff we buy or own.

ttttttaz: Taz the cartoon character? NO who is that? He is in a cartoon. Oh no Mom

(insert frustration in a 7 yr old who is irritated with this mother, and developing attitude)
TTT eeee cccccc aaaaa ssssss (sounding out) Texas????

Yes Mom I wa o go ere o in nakes. With my mommy ears now in tune to the way my son is now talking I was able to figure out
He wants to go to Texas to find snakes. And not just any snakes Rattler snakes.
My heart skipped a few beats and then started racing.
No you can't go find rattler snakes. They will bite you and you could die from it. They are poisnous.
No mom I'm smarter and they can't bite me.
I passed out and came to when we got to the store.

No amount of chocolate or coffee has yet to get my heart back in my chest. And coffee still can not get my stomach out of throat. Though it may be due to the fact that he keeps talking about this


Anonymous said...

wish you could get a video~I bet he is super cute! I remember when mine lost their front teeth

Honeybell said...

Taxes . . . LMAO!

Renee said...

my son had no front teeth last x-mas. I loved it. I thought he was the cutest thing ever. It does make me sad though as I realized the last time he had not teeth he was a sweet baby.

momto4kidsny said...

eeyore: I have tried to get a video and all I am able to capture is a blur of a boy running around the house and yelling. Not talking. I might duct tape him to a chair. J/K

honeybell: If you think about it Taxes and Texas are pretty close!!

renee: All kidding aside it is sad. It means he is growing up right before my eyes.