Jul 10, 2008

Just when you think things can't get any worse.

Hubby and I got into a spat a few days ago. It had something to do with his check but I don't recall anymore. Sam has stopped potty training. No it has nothing to do with the spat as it's been 3 weeks of accidents and putting him back in pull ups when it gets to be too much on me to clean up poo from the floor which has carpet and lets not forget about the pee on the couch. So back to the drawing board with him. The kids are now in summer school. However it's a darn good thing daddy is at home when they need to get up for school because I can not get out of bed at 6am to get them on the bus at 7:20am. See 7:20 is when I get out of bed to get them ready during the normal school year. Any earlier than that and you won't see me. Which is what is happening. I'm not able to fall asleep any earlier than midnight and as late as 2am. So he is the one getting them up, fed, dressed and out the door. And then I come downstairs as my body finally allows me to move and get out of bed. Everyday this week Sam has been begging to go to school as well. I show him the calender show him what day it is and when he can go to school too. He is happy with that for 10 mins then it's back to the calender again. The kids get home at noon. Which is Sam's normal naptime. Which means no nap for Sam. I need naptime so I can regather myself and prepare for the arrival of the kids. Which is not happening. And then once the kids get home I'm spending the rest of the day wondering what part of
My children are not understanding. It's got to be the OUT part. It has to be. I would not mind so much if it was not for the bottles hubby has in the room. They are Greatful Dead (did i write that right?) and another one that are collectable items. If anything was to happen to those the end of the world as I know it would end.
And then it happens. 4 days ago....I was in bed when hubby comes up and says I need to come downstairs...something is wrong with the computer. I had the Pillsburry dough boy as my destop background. He was gone and the screen was blue. With a warning. Spyware on the computer install antivirus or spyware remover. I spent the next 3 days figureing out what it was that was on my pc. Fake screen something. The antivirus and antispyware program and the firewall I have failed to find it and failed to block it. I downloaded spybot search and destroy. It found several items and removed them just not the fake screen program. I could not find where it was. And then yesterday morning when I got up I started the pc again to once again spend my day hunting and deleting and backing up which would also fail. Good thing for myspace because i was able to backup my pics there. Anywho when I sat down with my coffee angels came out of the sky. Microsoft had an update for me and it was a malicious spyware removal tool. I downloaded installed and restarted. It found the program for me and removed it. And i disconnected the net and ran spybot again. it found a few more peices of it and removed it. And then I went into my firewall found the file and was able to prevent that from getting online. And now my computer is free and clear. I keep checking with spybot as I have noticed that finds things that my normal programs can not.
Hopefully this is the end of it all. And things can get back on track from here on out because next time....I may loose my pc and all the people in it that I love, adore and look up too!


cielo said...

my computer crashed before and my world also crashed with it, imagine all my stored pics was deleted...all memories of 3 years huhuhuhu.

lesson learned...back up the files :)

Anonymous said...

so sorry things are chaotic~I hope it gets better soon.