Jun 10, 2008

Storms & My Top 10

I'm not sure how much time I have on here today! We have storms coming and going all day today...severe thunderstorms. However right now the sun is out so I thought I would put a post up while I had the chance!

I thought today I would give my Top 10 Google Searches.

10. it's a he chocolate. I would love to know how you can tell the chocolate is a boy. I am a huge chocolate fan freak and have never noticed if it was a boy or a girl. Interesting!

9. "badly injured man not done partying yet". All I can say is that someone needs to step in and take this man to the hopsital! Every few days I get hit with this search.

8. mothers day 20008. I have no idea what day of the week that mother's day will fall on. sorry.

7. upper lip feels swollen front tooth hurts. This one is also hitting me every few days! Please go to the dentist or doctor and have it checked out!

6. throw a tantrum diaper 2008. What are you looking for? I can throw tantrums and throw a diaper...but what is a tantrum diaper? and it's the year 2008.

5. chocolate crack. Sorry peoples. I don't have any crack much less chocolate crack and I'm pretty sure they don't make it! So stop already! You search every day several times a day for this and find me. Get a hint!

4. painted rooms with chocolate. I don't recomend doing this with chocolate! It's really hot outside and the chocolate will melt and make a huge mess! Then you will have to lick it up off the floor! yuck!

3. seeeing red. If you are so mad that you are seeing red....go for a walk. lock yourself in the bathroom with a glass of your favorite must be over 21 drink!

2. figuring. what are you looking for???

1. Chocolate Laundry Basket must have. I don't think you will want to put your fresh clean clothes fresh out of the drier in a chocolate laundry basket! The chocolate will melt from the heat in the clothes. Then you will have start over if not throw away the clothes. Don't do it!


Honeybell said...

LMAO! The things people want to do with chocolate!!

Elizabeth said...

Those are hilarious! What the heck is a Chocolate Laundry Basket? LOL