Jun 12, 2008

Busy Bees

I know I have been not blogging much lately and I'm sorry to my readers for that! Life is busy right now. Gearing up for the end of the school year which the last day is June 24! Also have been busy with Sam and doing his therapies. More on that in a few!
Gregory loves the camera. I have a feeling he may do something with it later in life! He is so photogenic. With out fail when I get the camera out he is right there to get in the lime light!
Curtis is harder. He is more like me and prefers not to have his picture taken. This was taken the other day when we had a little picnic in the back yard and it was really hot out! It was Curtis' idea to have the picnic!

Sam has a basket ball he is keeping away from me. I just love this shot! A millisecond after I shot this the ball dropped and he had to go chase it down!

So what has been keeping me away? Sam's therapies are not going so well which means I am picking up the slack with him. His OT refuses to believe that this day was related to the therapy. How it could not be is beyond me. This tells me with the right kind of input during the day he can be an angel child. Without it I swear he is a spawn of the devil at times! I'm patiently waiting for the date of his next meeting. Specail Ed...I have issues. First of all A just sits and watches Sam do activities and does not engage him at all. In fact I do it and she looks at me like as if I'm stepping on her toes. Someone has to do it otherwise how is he going to learn anything? I understand children learn from play. They also learn through interactions. She is here for an hour. During that hour she says 3 sentences to him. Hi Sam. Want to play? Time for me to go. What is up with that???? I talk to her and I get more of a response from the walls than I do with her. Speech...there is no issues there! He is learning sign language! Starting with colors! He is coming along with that! I'm able to use this with him when we are looking for a toy, picking out clothes and what cup he wants to use! It's all with prompting at this time which is a huge start!

I had Gregory's meeting the other day. Upon questioning and taking in everything and listening to what he can do and what he should be doing I came to a very hard conclusion for him. Actually I think it was harder on me than it ever will be for him. I broke down and cried during the meeting for the first time ever. Gregory will be in kindergarten next year. He needs more time to learn everything he needs to have a good academic year in first grade. He needs more practice. This is the best choice I could have made for Gregory as it's all about him. It's not about the fact that it breaks my heart to do this. I have since put my heart back together and moving forward as I don't have the time to be in pieces when my children need me to be strong and together for them every single day! Last night I casually brought this up to Gregory. I'm not sure if he really understood what I said or not. He was all smiles when I told him and he said okay Mom! And then hugged me and went to play. I told him he was going to kindergarten next year for more practice. I told him all the things that he learned this year. And told him a few things that Mommy, Daddy, Curtis and Sam all needed more time to practice before moving on. Even told him he needed lots of practice as a baby to learn how to crawl and walk and talk and potty train too. He thought that was pretty neat that everybody needs practice!
He is so right about that!


Tara R. said...

Such beautiful photos. It's good that you can do what you think is best for your son where school is concerned. So many parents aren't willing to make those difficult choices.

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

You are an excellent mom! Heaven knows it isn't always easy doing the right thing, but you obviously have your children's best interests at heart. They are very lucky! Hugs!