Jun 3, 2008

Have you seen my mind??

Cause I think I have lost it somewhere. Just ask Sam...I'm sure he will tell you. Sure we had one good day with Sam after OT. OT was yesterday and nothing. Sam didn't like the ball she brought as it's one of those with the little legs on the bottom. He thought those were handles to throw the ball better. So putting puzzles together was not enough input for him. He needs deep pressure and lots of input for his arms and lots of rolling. However Sam does not like anything I can come up with to give him this kind of input. Before he loved bring rolled out of his blankets as a game. Now not so much as I tend to try to do that several times a day instead of just before bed. I also made it a game to roll around the floor and squish each other. Sure Curtis and Gregory love this game....Sam? He wants nothing to do with it. I named this one "Roll It" Roll it is fun. Now if I can just get Sam to join in on the fun we would alright! Sam has decided that he wants nothing to eat. And if he does want food it's something we don't have in the house. The good news? He is eating apples, bananas, yogurt, and those nutri grain bars. The only kid in the house who eats healthy foods! Anything else and it's like I'm feeding him poison. Though I'm used to this as Curtis is the same way when it comes to food.
Hubby is on summer break from work. Not used to him being home for the summer.....and I hope he will go and look for a summer job. Normally he works a summer camp but that is up in the air as the contract for that expired and is being worked out. Hopefully they work it out soon just so Hubby is not home for the next 3 months! This is second week off and I'm ready to ship him out the door. Sure he is doing dishes and laundry every day so that is a help but he is not used to sitting home. Not used to Sam's schedule during the day. And with the services now that is all new to Sam so we are having adjusting issues all around. If anyone out there needs a handyman to come do some work around the house....feel free to email me! I'll be more than happy to ship him out! LOL He is also cooking every single meal too! And last night? He even made lemon bars for desert! So I can't complain too much since he is helping. Just wish he would go more with the flow instead of asking 101 times who/what is coming/ going on. I have it written down on the calender....just read what it says!
First speech was yesterday! It was so nice to see her again! Sam worked really well with her! And he helped her clean up....better than he does with me and his OT! So I think it's safe to say that Sam likes her too! Today his special ed teacher is coming for the first time! I don't know her like I do everyone else being that she is coming from a different school! But I'm excited to meet her and I hope we like her too!

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Jamie E said...

sooooo hearing you on the hubs being home thing. It is so hard to work around his ideas of what is necessary as opposed to what I have scheduled and calendar'd for a month....urgh, try to make the best of it, I wouldn't complain if my hubs was cooking, cuz then that would make one of us;)