May 30, 2008


We have started OT for Sam on Thursday! He did good with it...better than I thought he would! Sure he refused to pick up after he was done with each activity but she helped him with it. He did have a few small melt downs but nothing like what I get! She took his hand and helped him clean him.....something I even do at times only for him to throw punches or throw his body into mine. I thought he was going to do this with her. Instead he whined and said "No can't" and moved on. It was so nice to see him get through this without the need to hit or throw his body around! After OT we went to the store. Normally Sam goes into the cart without any ands or buts about it. Because just getting him into the store without carrying him is a pain. He is a runner and always tries to run away. He got out of the car and held my hand. He walked through the parking lot holding my hand. Not one time did he try to get away from me! We got in the store and we bypassed the carts. Sam walked holding my hand in the store the whole time! It was so amazing! When the boys got home because we forgot milk and shoe laces and nails we went back to the store. Again he did very well with it! I swear Thursday Sam was replaced with a more gentle child who knows how to listen. Today? Well not so much but I can still see a difference in him! My mind is blown away with this complete turn around! Now I have fingers crossed and hopes and dreams that this will continue. Though today I see his old self ...just not as much as normal. Let's stop beating around the bush...this is signs of regression! If he can do this one day then he can do this all the time.....and he can't keep it that way! So I hope I continue to see this good/bad day stuff from here on out so we can get him into summer school!
Special ED starts Tuesday. Speech starts Monday! So the schedule will be Speech on Mondays and Wednesdays, OT on Mondays and Tuesdays and Specail ed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Some are mid afternoon and some are after school so they are spread out! I can't wait to see our speech therapist! She worked with Curtis and Gregory and we just loved her and now she is going to work with Sam too!
Curtis and Gregory are doing good too! I have a meeting for Gregory on the 10th to find out what he is doing next year....Kindergarten again or First Grade. I'm thinking another round of Kindergarten will do him some good! Maybe just maybe we can get him to become a social butterfly and pick his head up this way! Have to see what happens!


Honeybell said...

That's fantastic! I can't imagine how difficult it all is for you. I so admire your strength and dedication!

WherestheBox said...

That's so great that he responded so well to OT and you could see a difference! Yeah for Sam!!


Congrats on this baby step...and they will all be baby steps for awhile. But don't you just love it when they look up at you and smile?

kiddo's gotta love em.

momto4kidsny said...

Honeybell....Thursday was a very good day! The rest of the week was a pain....entry coming soon about that!
There are times when I myself wonder where all my strength comes from! The dedication though is easier to find!

wheresthebox: For one wonderful day it was awesome! yay!

simply sweet: baby steps are expected. Though such a huge difference with one half hour session? Not so much! Will take what I can get!