Apr 28, 2008

Could it be??

Sammy Sam is my youngest. Sam is the one who is giving me the run for my money. He is the one who is stubborn, wild, and needs the most redirecting. He is soon to be 3. And I dread what comes our way on one hand yet thrilled with the unknown! For months and months now we have been on the Potty Training Train. For months he has gone on the potty a few times here and there only to stop and tell me "No! Can't". and when I ask why not? "said so" is his reply to me. For months I thought for sure when he would out of the blue start using the potty that this was it! We are finally going to be able to say good bye to pull ups. Only to here "No! Can't" within hours of thinking he was going to finally make it. I gave up thinking this was it after having my heart drop each time he would say no. I don't know if I should even dare say this so I need to come real close and listen cause it's killing me keeping it in. I need to share with some one. Ready?
For the past 7 days.....7 whole wonderful days....Sammy Sam has been using the potty EVERY SINGLE DAY! So ok he has yet to make a Poo in the potty. And he is still wearing a pull up for sleeping. For 7 whole days I have yet to hear those dreaded words mentioned above! Sure we have also had a few accidents....about 4 a day but I can't complain about that. He knows when he wets. He knows when he needs to poo because he comes and tells me and asks for a "Change" which his word for pull ups.
Now do me a favor and don't party just yet. I feel like we are getting somewhere but I fear he will say "No Can't" any second now.


feefifoto said...

I remember when my boy finally left diapers behind -- I wanted to grab strangers on the street to tell them. I brought an unused package of diapers back to the supermarket and filled out the return form; in the space for "reason for return" I wrote "potty training!" For some reason, they weren't impressed.

Momo Fali said...

No party, just a little, tiny hooray!! I'll be quiet so as not to jinx it!

WherestheBox said...

Is it okay if I whisper it - (Way to go, Sammy Sam!)

Seriously, glad to hear of the great progress!