Apr 30, 2008

My thoughts and feelings........

Sam's eval is today. I'm nervous and exited all at the same time! It's weird in a way because before this was scheduled he was saying a few words...Mommy, food, drink, no, can't, said so, truck, mickey mouse. And today....today he is naming everything and anything that he lays eyes on. Though Daddy is still daddy! Since 6am he has said cat, dog, bird, elephant, curtis, gregory, hungry and thirsty. What is up with that? Is he going to make me feel foolish for having this done? Or is he going to validate my thinking that he is delayed? Either way....I really don't care what comes out of this as long as I know where he stands with his development! If he is on target that is awesome! All my hard work has paid off! And if not? Then I will fight to make sure that he gets the help he needs! I do it for his brothers so he would not be any diffrent! I'm also excited about today because I am taking him to KLS the same preschool that both Curtis and Gregory attended! I'm going in early because I know the teachers and princible and secrataries are going to go nuts seeing Sam again! It will be nice to once again see them all again! I'm even going to take a family picture in for the princable as a nice surprise for her and once again as a way to thank her and everyone else there for all the hard work they did with Curtis and Gregory.
Ok OK you caught me. I'm secretly hoping Sam will be able to attend there as well. Knowing that every one there is kind and caring and the best people in the planet who make the preschool a great place to start. Even if this does mean that I'm secretly hoping he is delayed.....does this make me a bad mom for this? Who knows. All that matters in the end Sam. I will have results today when I walk away. And then I will go from there.
In the meantime though this is what I am truely feeling and thinking at this time. I only have one wish real wish and that is for Sam to be his self today!

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WherestheBox said...

I cried the first time my son was evaluated and I was told he didn't qualify for services.

(A couple of months later he regressed to the point that he was able to start therapy, which sounds bad but in our case was a good thing because we had no idea what to do to get him communicating.)