Mar 20, 2008

What was the point??(venting ahead)

I don't get it. I don't understand why people do what they do. And frankly I really don't care. However when you try to make a mountain ouf of an ant hill and lie about something that could be wrong.
What am I talking about?
The Wanna Be a Grownup female that I was kind of enough to allow to stay at my house just so she could take advantage did something that was uncalled for. This is the reason why Child Abuse goes without being reported. She called CPS ( child protecitive services) saying that I abuse my children and have a house that is so fithy that you can't walk around in the house. Not only is the garbage, food, and dirty diapers on the floors but also human waste. Oh and I can't forget about the boxes and boxes packed full of things like books, magazines and newspapers.
I admit I don't keep my house looking like it belongs in a magazine or like my house has been cleaned by hospital staff. However my house is never that bad. EVER. Abusing my kids?? I admit there are times when I spank my kids for certain reasons and then we have a talk about what they did. However I have Never ever never ever left a mark on them. EVER.
Want to waist the tax payers money on false claims?? Go ahead. In the end I am the one left laughing in your face because there was NOTHING to be found wrong with my house. In fact the person who came here today laughed because i had told her I had pots and pans to wash so those are in the sink.
However I do have to be thankful that this happened. Why you ask? Because not only is the case going to be closed upon the worker speaking to my huband and children (protocall) but because Sam will get another eval done on his development just to be safe. And who knows? Maybe he needs help that his doctor has failed to see.
I am thankful that I can see the positive in this really big negative!
People who cheat on there husbands and lie to their husbands all the time are not to be trusted. And when they are younger than you??? Not to be trusted. Better luck next time!
I will never ever help someone in need again. I just hope I never have to turn someone who is really in need down because of this person.
All of the totall Bullshit because my husband got tired of the fighting on the phone, someone other than me being on the computer, and for someone smoking way too many cigarrettes that he was buying for his wife.
Shameful, Disrespectful and down right horrid.
If I wanted to I could turn the tables and get her in some serious trouble with the IRS...yet that is going against who I am as a person. If I was to do would put me in the same catagory as her.
That I am not.


Rachel said...

Oh sweetie. I'm so sorry that someone was that vindictive and malicious towards you, that's horrible. But, maybe it will be a blessing in disguise. Kudos to you for seeing the bright spot in all of this.

momto4kidsny said...

rachel: I thank you for your kind words. Somehow I am staying strong in all of this...even when someone is being so vindictive the way she is. At this point seeing the a bright spot is the only thing that is keeping me sane.