Mar 21, 2008

Just thoughts

Today I'm not as stressed out as I have been. I have taken a major step to prevent anymore drama. It's really not fare that I have to change my phone number but it's the only way that she won't ever be able to call me again. Ever.
I know I told you that she has a blog. I am going to link to her and you can tell me what you think about what she has to say. I almost think that her post is grounds for threating. However I am not going to do anything about it yet....I want to see where she is going to go with it.
I aslo see that she has linked to me. If I don't want her linking to me is there a way I can get her to remove it?? I only ask because I see it as way for her to contact me anytime she wishes.
So here is her blog: FingerLakes Life.
When you are done I would love to hear your thoughts on what she has to say.
This right here will be the last time I ever talk about her.

1 comment:

Honeybell said...

I'm glad it is finally straightened out for you! You did the right thing by just removing the drama from your life--you have enough going on, you don't need that. As far as not mentioning her again? Definitely the right thing to do. Keeping the positive energy up, you know? (but venting is a good thing too!)

I did go read her blog - it was about what I expected. If I were in your position, I would wish her luck, and not read it. At least for a long while. Put a little distance between you for a while. Anyway--my 2 cents.