Mar 19, 2008

Seeeing Red

If there was ever a time when I wanted to be able to turn back the clocks now is the time. Saturday I offered to help a friend yet a friend I have set boundries with. Why do I do this all the time?? She calls for help and I always step up knowing what helping her is going to involve. I think this time it won't be like any other times...and really truley thought it would be pretty easy to help her. After all how hard can it be to take someone to the bus station so they can go back to their parents house in another state? Not hard. Yet for some reason I failed to remember the time the said bus station closes to buy the tickets. By the time we got her there they had been closed for 4 hours!
And then because my brain was on vaction to a beach I offered for her to stay with me until Monday and then we would get her to the station get her tickets and then on a bus Monday night. I'm not sure if my brain is still on vacation or if I have my days mix up or what. Today as I type this she is still here and I don't see a sign of her leaving yet. *bangs head on keyboard*
If you think it stops there.....guess again. I admit I am a smoker. I can afford MY own habbit. The friend quit her job and has been smoking up my supply. Let's break this down for you.
1 pack will last me 3 days (I have been working on cutting down) when it's just me.
1 pack with friend here will last not even 24 hrs.
Could be that my smoking has increased? Sure has. However I never smoked a pack on my own from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed.
Being nice I bought her a pack thinking this would help cut it down for the both of us and told her it had to last her at least 2 days. If i can make it go 3 she can at least go 2 right? Wrong. I gave her the pack at 9:30 AM and it was gone by 4PM.
She has even taken over my phone. I really don't mind because I don't really talk on the phone. What gets to me is that she calls her husband....they are splitting up yet let's work this out...and they have a screaming match from 5PM until I get so sick of it that I say I need to make a call. She screams on the phone.
Last night I sent hubby to the store to get some beer. Better he do this than throw her out on her ear in the middle of No Man's Land. This proves that I still have a heart. While he was gone I talked to her and told her that Hubby was upset about the Yelling on the phone while the kids are trying to go bed. The yelling after the kids are in bed. And he was upset because He checked.....wait fasten your seatbelts for this......My blog. This blog. First Time see if I had been able to write here on my blog. And when he noticed that it had only been the two posts on Monday he was upset. He totally understands why I have the blog and is thrilled that I have a hobby. He asked me if I have visted any blogs and left comments. No not really a few here and there. He was ANGRY.
When I talked to her about this because it came time to speak now or forever hold my piece. She had the nerve to say that "I am not her wife. Hubby is not her husband and that she will do as she sees fit."
I grabed a beer cause Hubby was home, the wire for the internet and the phones and we both went up to bed. Oh and he disconnected the cable to the tv.
Today I have figure out how to get her out of my home. Sorry this post was a rant but I really needed to get this off my chest before I skinned her alive. Oh and if you are wondering where she is right now....she went to get more smokes because I left mine "in the car and hubby is at work" *evil laugh* I did that on purpose.


Honeybell said...

Oh girl, I am angry for you! Rude and unacceptable behavior. I've been there before, tried to help a friend in need only to have them take advantage.

I'm also really liking your hubby right now! I love that he's looking out for you. Sounds like you guys are doing all you can.

momto4kidsny said...

Honeybell....Hubby is really handling this better than he has before! I can't stand that we are being taken advantage of yet my heart needs to help.
This will be the very last time!!

Elizabeth said...

"She'll do as she sees fit?" She can bloody well do as she sees fit SOMEWHERE ELSE. Get that girl to the bus station, wave goodbye, and DRIVE THE HELL AWAY.

I love that your husband was mad that you weren't able to post on your blog because of this "friend". And jesus, a pack of cigarettes in seven hours? I couldn't smoke that much if I wanted to!

I assume this 'friend' is a grownup, right? What you are doing is enabling her. I'm sorry to be harsh, but that's what it is. She needs to call her parents, or her husband, and work out her problems for herself. You need to tell her that you are sorry, but you need to go out of town this weekend, so she needs to make arrangements to leave.

momto4kidsny said...

Elizabeth...You are right. I am enabling her. I really didn't see it until I read your comment and then read the post again. She is out tomarrow at the earliest and Friday at the latest!
My husband shocked me. I thought for sure the world had come to end! Once again he proves that I have a good man!
And yes she is grown at 24. I have seen her true self and no longer consider her someone I need in my life or my heart.

C. R. Morris said...

Oh my gosh. Is her name Pauline? I swear I keep hearing about people like her everywhere! Is OPD (Obnoxious Personality Disorder) contageous? I hope she leaves soon. I finally had to totally sever all friendship ties with my problematic friend. *sigh*

Dette said...

OMG - you are too nice. I HATE it when people take advantage of goodhearted people.

Girl - if you was in the area I'd come over and boot her out for you.

Leechin' b*tch.

I'mma check on you soon - hope you kicked her to the CURB!!! That certainly is no friend indeed.

Stacey @Real World Mom said...

Oh, you definitely have to do something to get rid of this so-called "friend". It's horrible that she is taking advantage of your kindness like that! I wish you all the best!!

Momo Fali said...

Rant away! It's good to vent.