Mar 17, 2008

Sweet 16

Happy Sweet 16 Miss Kayla!
I was 12 when Kayla was born. It's so amazing to see her today! I changed her diapers and fed her bottles and baby cereal! I helped her learn to crawl and walk. Being that I was the youngest, in a way having Kayla in the house was just like have a baby sister. I taught her how to walk and talk. I was her primary caregiver even at my young age because my sister worked and my mother worked so I was left in charge. This helped me to grow up a diffrent way and helped to shape the way I am a Mom today.
I can not get over how much she has grown over the years! She used to fit in my arms and today she is taller than I am! How does that happen?? I am a very proud aunt!
Happy Sweet 16 Miss Kayla Marie!!

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Momo Fali said...

I don't know how it happens. They grow so fast! In a blink of an eye really.

Happy Birthday Kayla!