Mar 3, 2008


This is the only Before shot of Sam's hair I have. I took this last night because of the way he was sleeping on the couch! I said it was bedtime and he went upstairs got his pillow and blanket and fell asleep within minutes! I don't think the monsters and bed bugs are going to mess with him! What follows are the after pictures! I had hoped to get pictures while he was getting his haircut. I ended up holding him because he would not sit in the chair alone.

He is being a ham in the car on the way home! Yes I know he has a lolipop in his mouth while the car is moving and I am taking his picture!

See how happy he is?? I had to turn the camera off after this shot because the batteries died. Before anyone freaks out before I could even get the camera back in my purse he handed me the empty stick! Sam does not waist anytime with lolipops! In fact we are only half a block away from the barber shop!
Now do you subsribe to my reader? If so did you get a notice saying I posted a new one but when you opeaned it there was nothing there?? That was Sam trying to help me write this blog post. Before anything was typed or added he hit publish right away! I just used the empty one to write this up in! Just in case anyone is wonder what was going on!!


Honeybell said...

The shorter hair brings out those big beautiful eyes!

Becky said...

honey sure does bring out his eyes! Holy Moly I didn't know they were that big until today:)
And I have washed his hair and it still curls!
In the end he is happy and able to see and so is his momma! I see his eyes and curl! lol