Mar 4, 2008


Warning: I am on pain meds again so if nothing makes any sense then I am sorry for that. IF I misspell anywords again I am sorry for that too.

I didn't want to go to the dentist this morning. Just the thought of having a needle put in my gum line to be numbed made me want to throw mysepf on the floor and have my own meltdown. I was hoping hubby would give me the push I was looking for. Ha! He said ok don't go it's all up to you anyways. I won't make you do anything you don't want to do. Gee thanks. A few mins pass he says "If you go I will take you to Mc Donald's for a decent breakfast before going to the dentist." SO I went. Did I get the breakfast? No because we were short on time because I was dragging my fat a$$ I mean feet. What? AT least I didn't put the SS in there!
I have dry socket. The socket is infected too. I aslo have a sinus infection. Which added to the pain I was feeling. The good news?
I am currently still feeling the effects of novacaine. I am on pain meds. And antibiotics. The socket was cleaned out. And an antibiotic something was put there to help it heal.
The bad news?
You ready for this??
The anitibiotic that was/is in my mouth has a nasty taste to it. You know the smell inside hoptitals?? I swear to you I have that in my mouth and it tastes nasty. I would much rather suck on a dirty car part than have this in my mouth. Nothing I have tried so far takes it away. IN fact when I drink something I noticed that the nastyness comes back two fold. Yuck, gross, nasty, ill, i can not find a word to describe how bad this is.
Howwever I am thankful that I am not feeling anything at this point. And I plan to visit blogs today to give me something to consentrate on. So If i leave a comment on your place....please see the warning on top!


Momo Fali said...

Oh dear!! You poor thing! I hope those pain meds are good ones. You need them.

Becky said...

momo fali: The pain meds are currently my BFF's! I feel no pain at all and better than the last batch I had last week. I can honestly say that I am on the road to recovery!