Feb 25, 2008


As you all know I am a new driver on the road. Yes I know I am 28 and just now learning how to drive.....one of the things that happen when your parents refuse to see you as growing up and needing to learn these things. I could have done this years ago when I left home but didn't have any one to teach me. Now I do...and now I will be blogging about this for awhile. Hoping this may help others just starting out or even the seasoned drivers too.
This morning I drove through G town. Basically it's a small city. I did so well with my stopping and going and driving on a four lane road...sometimes 5 with a turning lane in the middle. I just wish peoples would pay attention more to the road and the car in front of them. I learned today that even though I pay attention to everything...the road traffic around me....does not mean others are.
I came to a light to make a right hand turn...just as I got up to the light which had turned yellow i looked left to see if there was anyone coming...a semi truck was coming so I came to complete stop at the now red light. The truck passes. And then I hear this wierd noise and feel the car jar just a little weee bit. The person behind me tapped my rear bumper. Hubby got out of the car and talked to her about it though yelling at her is more like it. I feel bad for the girl. Not be judgemental or anthing but I would say she is a college student. I say this to give you an idea of her age. Not that has anything to do with this. Anyways moving on. After talking she comes and says she is sorry. She was not paying attention. She pushed the wrong pedal. And she had no idea where she was going. At this light it's a Tee. you have a few options...just before the light you can turn into a gas station or a bowling alley on either side of the road. Once at the light you have 2 options...left or right! Don't know where you are going??? How about the gas station I am sure there is a map you can buy to find your way around.
No injuries and the only damage was done to her bumper. So hubby let her go. I am livid because she could have gotten a ticket I am sure of it. She admited she was not watching to road much less the boat in front of her. Which how she can miss my car is beyond me!
This has taught me something. No matter how careful I am when I am driving does NOT make me any safer on the road. I can still get hit by someone out there. This does not change my way of driving though. I will still drive the way I have been. After all I do have my family in the car to worry about!

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