Feb 26, 2008

Posh Mamas

Last night I was bored and was doing some blog hopping to find some new blogs to read. I came accross Posh Mamas! Don't know what Posh Mamas is???
"Posh Mama is an online magazine and social network exclusively for women from all around the world. The network is a supportive, interactive, and highly engaged community of Posh Mamas who share information on fashion, beauty, style, home interiors, art, book reviews, author interviews, fitness, nutrition, unique products for women, cool gadgets, high-tech toys and important product recalls. You don't have to be a "Mother" to be a "Posh Mama". Come hang out with me at www.poshmama.com."

I am now a new member there and in love with it already! This is something you have to check out!!


lisa marie said...

I saw a comment you left on Rainy Day Diamonds and loved your yummy icon! I had to pop over and meet a fellow kiss lover. :) ♥

Charlie Wolfe said...

Thanks for visitin my site and I think your blog is great! We seem to have much in common, and I hope we can stay in touch...Thanks again, and I will see you soon!

Liz said...

I'm so glad you found Posh Mama! It's such a great site - I'm a Wendesday front page contributor and love the site. Posh Mama is awesome - she knows all the "in" things and finds the best stuff.

- Pink Lemonade Liz