Feb 24, 2008


Yesterday we went and got family pictures done. The boys were dressed in blue with black pants. Angelina was wearing a Hannaha Montana outfit head to toe from her hat on her head to the stockings under her skirt! Her shirtw as pink so hubby and I both had on pink shirts and tan pants since Angelina' skirt was white. I can't wait to get them back!!! People staired at us like we were from another planet. Problem? Cause really I don't see one!

After that we went to the mall. I recently picked up a harness thing that would allow Sam to get out of the stroller and walk with us without him getting away from us. People stared like I was insane for using it! It's really cute cause he has a monkey on his back! The picture above is sam with it on!DO you see a problem? I won't get mad if you do I promise and if you do tell my why so I know what others are thinking! But really I don't see anything wrong with using this cute device to keep my 2 yr old with me. I mean he has to sit in the carseat to get to the mall. Why should he have to sit in the stroller too? And the carseat on the way home. Too much even for me! So tell me the problem??

After the mall we went to Target. The only ones we have are near the malls so we don'y always get to shop there. We were looking for a new toy because they did so well all day and deserved a treat for it...a new toy. I can't handle toys that make noise and since they wanted 30 dollar toys I was just not going to pay that much for a toy that says "you were good so you can play with me" not having it. The boys refused to pick from the wide selection of easy on the wallet toys. So I picked something out and that was final. Through out the store the boys kept begging for the other ones that I was just not going to bring home. Getting sick of their begging we got in the check out. Now the boys were going to have to earn the toys today by cleaning their room. In the checkout I told the boys this and you would have thought that I had a bomb strapped to my chest the way everyone turned to look at me! Problem? By this time I really wanted to speak this out loud but I didn't.

Out at the car daddy puts Gregory in while I put Sam in his carseat. Curtis has strict orders to standby the car next to me and he is to pull on my coat so I know he is there. The pulling stopped as I was standing up so I looked out the back window and there was Curtis. As I ran and grabbed him...about 3 steps for me...some lady comes walking by with her two small children..if I had to take a guess one was around 3 and the other maybe 5. And she gave me a nasty look because Curtis was were he was and I told him "to get to where he is suppose to be now." The woman was letting her kids run ahead of her in the parking lot which I was really busy for that time of evening. No biggie not my place to say anything but she looked right at me and shook her head and sneared at me. With Curtis getting in the car so I could buckle him I heard "Some people should not be mothers!" I stood up and turned and it was the same woman still glaring at me. I had it and said "Problem? need to look at home base before making rude comments for others to hear" meaning i was commenting on her kids being at the door of the store while she was still near my car which was in the middle of the parking lot. I could see her kids one dressed in all pink from head to toe and the other one dressed in all blue from head to toe running around near the doors. She said something back but I went about buckling curtis and giving him a stern lecture for letting go of my coat. And for the record Curtis does not have the toy that was bought for him last night. He needs to earn it by helping me with laundry today!

In a few weeks I will have the family pictures!!! At least something went well yesterday!


Real World Mom said...

Yay! I love family photos! It's something I never do enough of though... Good for you for finding the bright spot! :-)

C. R. Morris said...

My son has a teddy bear on his back! We buoght it for when we go to the zoo but he likes to wear it everywhere. We've run into other people and their kids had monkeys.. or puppies. Joshua LOVES his. Honestly, I used to think of a harness as a leash.. but now I'm so scared of losing one of my kids that I see it as something that's keeping my baby safe while allowing him to walk with us. Sounds like you ran into all of the people out there who have corn cobs up their butts. And you shouldn't be a mother? I don't even that that. @@ Her kids could have been hit in that parking lot. Can she not see that? She's not worth a second thought. She probably doesn't make them buckle up either..you know, they might get upset over it. As for the toy. Way to go! My kids earn their stuff too.. they also lose it. Ask them what happens if I wash something that is clean. ;-)

Becky said...

real world mom....i don't have enough family photos! the last one i have was taken back when little curtis was a baby! It's way over due!
cr morris..good to see you here! I have seen the teddy bear and the puppies you speak off though only in stores...have yet to see other children in my area with them. So very cute!!
I would much rather use the monkey to keep track of my kids then run the risk of something bad happening to them!

Momo Fali said...

No problem with that monkey on his back, as far as I'm concerned! I think those leashes are brilliant. I once heard someone say that if you had a million dollars, would you let it out of your sight? Why would a child be any different.

As for the lady in the parking lot...well, she should be ashamed of herself. When my daughter was in preschool, one of the children at her school was run over and killed in the parking lot after dismissal. Letting your kids run ahead of you in a busy parking lot is idiotic.

C. R. Morris said...

I had to come back and check to see what comments you got. I agree with momo fali. I like my kids in front of me but close. I have walked up behind my kids, put my hand over their mouth and dragged them off somewhere just to show them that they can't make the noise needed to call for help. I hate seeing a 2-3 year old 5-6 feet behind their parents. I can't count how many times I've seen a child this age just standing alone in a store. They could and can be gone in an instant.

Becky said...

momo and c r morris: I so agree! Would much rather use the monkey to keep my child with me then running around so someone could come along and take them! Will take saftey any day!! My kids are no diffrent than a million dollars...they will stay with me or they know what happens!

The lady in the parking lot had no right to be like she was towards me. Yes my son moved away from me but he did stay near the car and he got an earful from me for letting go of my coat!
Her children could have been taken or hit by a car with the way they were running!
I plan to use the monkey on my 6 yr old for now on when we go to stores just to make sure he can't do that again.