Feb 11, 2008

Bus Rules

Every day twice a day a bus stops in front of my house to pick up and drop off my boys. It's a school bus. At least 6 times a week someone tries to pass the bus while it's stopped with the red lights on and flashing. Now I understand that I live right next door to the post office. I understand that you think that because you are going to said post office makes you think that you can pass by. Well news flash you can not! Calling the police when someone passes the bus does not seem to be helping matters either. I have reported so many cars for doing this. In fact the officers seem to know me by name and phone number when I call in now. All I have to do when I call now is give them the plate number and tell them I will give a statement when needed. Though for whatever reason I never hear back.
I am here to remind all drivers that if you are traveling on the road and see a school bus stopped with the red lights flashing you Can Not Go anywhere. You have to stop for the bus!!! And for the record even if a post office is right there and that is where you are going you Can Not pull into the post office parking lot because you still pass the bus!!!
Please be aware of stopped school buses on any and all of your travels. All you have to do is stop long enough for the kids to get off the bus and possibly cross the road in front of you. Sure you may be in a hurry or think that because the post office is just one foot away does not mean you can still go. You can not go!!!!
It's simple.
Stopped Bus means You have to stop your car. You can not move! Stay put no matter what!
One of these days you could hit the mom who is crossing her kids or a kid that is crossing the road and you would not know it until it was too late!
Please follow this simple rule! Next time you may come accross me on your travels and I am ready to carry a hammer with me to hit your car because you passed the school bus!!!!
Don't make me do it please!
Stopped Bus. You stop! Simple!


suchsimplepleasures said...

you tell them!!! i live in a subdivision. the speed limit is 25. we have a bus that goes through, picking up and dropping off the subdivision kids. these cars, that cut through my sub to go from one main road to the other...NEVER go the speed limit...and, they also try to cut off the bus!! it pisses me off! i want to stand at the end of my driveway and throw rocks but, sadly, i'm the one that would end up getting into trouble...not the non-law abiding cars!!

Becky said...

you are so right! If I was to hit the cars with a hammer I would be the one in trouble! I will leave the hammer in the house but the thought will always be there!!
The speed limit here is 30mph but you would not know it the way everyone speeds by!

Harlee said...

I have seen cars go by stopped buses where I live. I so agree with you, all these people know the rules. It is simple STOP!!

Becky said...

Hi Harlee good to see you here!
Seems like it's not just here that drivers don't stop for the busses.
I didn't realize it was so hard to stop for a bus.

alwaysmom said...

This happens all the time. Have you talked with the bus driver? because he/she should be reporting it also and maybe if they did it would hold more weight or at least then there would be two of you reporting it. Just a thought.