Feb 10, 2008

Bad Storm

We had a bad storm come through today. I knew we were suppose to get some snow but not as bad as it was when it got here! We only got a few inches...just enough to cover the ground in a nice white blanket. However it also came with monster winds that killed the power for several hours today. I was on the pc when it hit us. The power went out for a few seconds came back then went right back out again. I got up and looked out the window only to see nothing but white. I could hear cars passing the house but I could not see them. I could not even see the blue house accross the street. Instead of grabbing the camera I got the kids around and put on another layer of clothes to prepare for the coldness to settle in the house. Good thing too cause it got down to 45 here in the house before the power came back on about 5 hours later. I am still trying to defrost!
The kids handled it quite well! They thought it was funny that mommy was getting candles out and ready at lunch time. They also thought it was cool that they got cold hot dogs and chips for lunch.
I took them upstairs to my room after that and we laid in my bed all covered up in blankets reading books. One by one we fell asleep. Good thing cause it helped pass the time. When I woke up the heater was running again! The kids woke up just a few mins later. We stayed in my bed for awhile longer watching the news on the tv so I could find out if it was over yet or not. My batteries to the portable radio were dead. I have to get those replaced for the next time!
The kids want to do this again so next time they can wear snowpants in the house to stay warm. I had told them if they got too cold and had several layers of clothes on that they would put those on! Guess they were looking forward to that! This has taught me that we need to be a little more prepared for something like this again. Batteries were dead and with no power we had no phone since we have the phone through the cable company. Need to reactivate my cell phone so next time I can call someone in case it gets too bad!
Overall though the kids were great!


marie79 said...

WOW!! quite an adventure you had there, at least you got to take a nap, so it wasn't as bad after all.

Kids always get the best out of any situation, thank God for innocence and imagination...LOL!! =0)

alwaysmom said...

I'm glad that the kids found it to be a fun adventure instead of being bored and whining!!