Feb 12, 2008

Potty Training.....

.........is on hold with Sam for now. He knows when he has to go because he tells me. However he will not use the potty every day like he needs to. He will use it every other day or every few days. I don't want to force him to potty train but I may have to if he keeps this up. For now though we are on a break. No more pullups like before. They leak at night no matter what I do before he goes to bed so he is back in diapers.....at least for now. i thought maybe just maybe he would hate the feel of real diapers after not having them for several months. Wrong. He has no care in the world.
I figure since it is winter time we will wait for spring and start again. Maybe the coldness has something to do with it...I don't know. At any rate I can't continue on this path with him it stresses me out and stresses him out. Every so often he uses the potty when he wants to but its not enough to give up the diapers and pullups and expect him to train.
So hopefully with Spring will come the need for him to potty train then! Please let this be the way it happens. Please!

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PadmeJnz said...

Oh girl, I'm DREADING potty training with Luke! I'm doing it a LITTLE... just getting him used to the potty... he thinks it's a TOY, tho! LOL! Any successes we have a purely accidental! LOL!