Feb 29, 2008

blah. yucky. ouchy, blah

is just how I am doing. I woke up this morning only to have out of this world pains in the right side of my jaw. stumbled into the bathroom to look in the mirror to discover that i looked like i had shoved a golf ball into my cheek. great. just what i need. I had CSE meetings this morning and had no choice but to go with my face looking like i had a golf ball in my right cheek. of course the first school meeting was set at the exact same time i could call the dentist. yuck. I really wanted to just go to the dentist and demand to know why my face was like this and why the pain meds were no longer helping with the pain. but i sucked it up and drew all the strength i had in me and went to the meetings. I was relieved when everyone understood the golf ball thing. As soon as the meetings were done I walked out to the car and called the dentist. Had I known it would have taken her 2 hours to call me back I would have just drove to her office.
Upon asking me questions that I could barley answer because by this time I could not even move my jaws in order to talk. I mumbled and talked through my teeth at her. She told me it's an infection. Just not sure if its left over from the tooth being pulled or if its a new one. I had asked her 2 days ago if I would need some thing for the infection she said I had but she said it drained out when the tooth came out. (TMI...sorry) Stupid woman was wrong and now I am suffering. The good news is that I am taking an antibiotic now and i get some relief with that. I feel it when it kicks in and my jaw moves. Then when its time for anther dose I feel everything again and can't talk anymore.
How I wish I had a laptop so I could just talk to people in real life using that.
Oh and I get to go back the dentist on tuesday and may have another one pulled. I have counted 5 that need to come out but i know it's higher than that because of the ones that will have to come out for the partial she is planning.
I swear if i get like this again I will stop going. I can't figure out which is worse...living with an ache in my mouth and being able to talk or living with pain that is so much that I can't.
The jury is out on that. Hope this blog post finds everyone else having a much easier time:)
I'm hoping soon I will be able to stand to sit at the pc more than I am now to get back in the swing of things.


Real World Mom said...

What a horrible experience! I hope you're feeling better soon!

Becky said...

thanks real world mom! Me too me too:)

suchsimplepleasures said...

poor you!! get better!! it sucks when you are in pain...especially when it's in your mouth...it makes your whole face hurt!!
i hope you had a good and less painful weekend!