Feb 28, 2008

I'm here somewhere

Did you notice anything missing from my blog post at all yesterday??? No??? I will give you time to go and look cause really there is something missing. Waiting. Oh your back? Ok did you figure out what was missing? Well I will just tell you. I said I will leave you with some pictures. And I see this morning I forgot the pictures.
See this is why one should not blog on pain killers. Though I don't have room to talk. They are still in my system this morning and my brain is still in a fog somewhere but not as bad as yesteday. It's still taking me forever to type out one word because i see the mistakes.
The next time I go the dentists i am taking a tazor with me or a horn or something to get her attention when she is causing me pain. I have told her I can't have anything cold in my mouth. No cold water. No cold anything. Icecrream has to melt before I can eat it. Guess she forgot this cause she had her assistant rinsing my mouth out with frigid cold water. It would take me 20 mins to scream out that it freakin hurts. And another 10 before I could even open my mouth again so she could finish. She was cleaning the numbed teeth for me thinking i would be alright. Guess she didn't realize that all the other teeth in my mouth would not feel the cold water either.
The pain meds are awesome. before comeing home i had the script filled. Have you picked up any controlled substances recently from a drug store??? Yesterday was the first time in 2 and a half years. Lots has changed let me tell you. After a c section with Sam I got the same pain meds I got now. Then I just had to sign my name. This time when I picked them up I had to show my ID, my SS# my left arm, right big toe and almost my first born but the man felt he had enough and let me take the pills out of there. What? Could he not clearly see the pain I was in? Could not he not see the basketball sitting on my right cheek?? What about the fact that the right side of my lips was not moving??? Of course it's my script I am picking up. Of course I am in pain. I think I should have taken the gauze out of my mouth to show him.
At least I now know that I can't send any of children to pick up pain meds for me. Or even my hubby. I'm lucky i was still able to walk.
Enough rambling for now. I need to go and make rounds and will tell some funny stories in a little bit! Cause I have a few!


Motherwise said...

Adding insult to injury, how much did the pain meds cost? I paid $120 for my son's anitbiotic on Monday and then considered asking for some pain meds for me to deal with the shock of that bill.

Real World Mom said...

Sure hope you're feeling better soon!

I've gotten pain meds fairly recently (sprained shoulder), and I didn't have to go through all that! I guess it's good that they're being cautious, but, geez! When you're the one in pain, every minute counts!

Becky said...

motherwise: Yea it was adding insult! With my insurance I only had to worry about a copay which was only $1. I feel lucky to only have to worry about copays.

real world mom: nice to see you again. thank you so much.
Hmmm maybe it was just because the man giving me the drugs wanted to give a me a hard time to see how much I really wanted relief from the pain! LOL