Feb 9, 2008

3 boys, 1 toddler bed, 1 set of bunk beds

Yesterday I had one goal that I wanted to do. It came in 2 parts...One buy new beds for the boys and 2 get them set up last night. We set out at 9 am expecting to get this done by 3pm. Including getting the beds here and set up. If I had known yesterday morning what I know this morning we would have done this in more parts. We ended up in several towns looking for beds. We ended up getting bunk beds in the first town and second store we looked in. And got sam's toddler bed in the last store in the last town that is an hour's drive away. Over a hundred miles were covered looking for the toddler bed.
Bunk beds were here at the house by 3pm. The toddler bed was here at the house last night by 8:30 pm. No beds were set up. 3Am this morning Sam woke up ready to start his day.I spent a half hour trying to get him back to sleep. 3:30am we bring Sam downstairs sees his bed and wants it together. 6am it's together and he is happy. 9am we start on the bunk beds. Almost 11:30 we are done with the beds. 3 beds are now complete. 2 toddler beds and one crib are now apart and ready to be burned. The old toddler beds were not in good shape any longer and falling apart so we had to replace those for Sam.
The kids are happy and hyper. I am dragging my feet and ready for a nap. However grocery shopping needs to be done today!
Little Side note: Toddler beds that come in little boxes are not easy nor fun to put together. At least the finsished product makes 1 Two Year Old happy!
Bunk beds are not fun to put together but easier than a toddler bed. And don't expect a 2 yr old to stay off the top bunk. Hopefully no one will fall off the top bunk. I tried to have the bunk beds set up as twin beds....no one not even daddy would have it that way. Fingers crossed that no one falls and breaks something!

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Momo Fali said...

We took the ladder off my son's bunk bed so he can't climb to the top.

Sounds like a crazy day! I hope you've recovered!