Feb 7, 2008

Our New Car

I can't say much again by request of hubby and I repsect his wishes on this.
He picked it up this morning and we took it town before he went to work! It has a working radio...ok so not a big deal for most but it's nice after not having one in the truck. It's low to the ground so it's going to take time to get used to that! I even hit my head when I went to take Sam in and out of his carseat. I will get used to that real quick or knock myself out one of these days!
The motor is quiet! And the muffler is quiet as well. I can now here my husband when he is talking to me!
When he got back this morning from picking up the car I asked how the car was. He freaked me out beacause he said the car had one issue with it. Holding my breath waiting for what the issue was he tells me it's auto and not stick. I could have slapped him for that! Though if anything happens to the car in 30 days/1000 miles we have a warranty on it. I LOVE the car! Hubby loves the car despite it not being a stick.
The kids will see the car for the first time tonight! Can't wait to see how they react tonight when daddy gets home! They won't be able to hear Daddy pulling in the driveway and they won't be able to scurry to clean up the mess before walks in the house!
Hubby is proud of the car he picked out! I am proud of him as well!
And for the record it's a new to us kind of car and it's big enough for us! But so far it's the best car we have had! We are set with this and all we have to do is maintain the car instead of trying to fix it up as we go! Nice change for once!!!!


alwaysmom said...

HIP HIP HOORAYH!!! I'm so happy for you!

Rachel said...

Congratulations honey!! That's wonderful!