May 29, 2007

Sam udate 2

bandages for Sam!! Yea! We made it! So we just got back from Sam’s appt. First off all i want to complain about the wait. We got there at 12:30, the appt was at 1:10. At 2:30 we walked out of there. We seen one doctor long enough for him to take off the bandages take a look at it ask how it happened then he went to speek to the top doc. When the top doc came in he looked at asked who did the stitches said they did a great job. And that was that. Oh he did say we have to come back on Monday to get the stitches out. We seen both doctors for a grand total of 5 mins. what a waist of time!!
Sam was a show off though. He was the dreaded toddler who was running around. Screamed when picked up …the whole 9 yards that parents and the population just dread. However after about 20 mins…his normal time to sit and be good and quiet…that was the end of that. I let him run around. I let him touch the fish tank. I let him throw books in the chair. Anything to keep him quiet. It was past is naptime. He had enough of the sit down and look at books, drink from sippy, or snack on cheerios. A boy can only sit still for so long. Did I mention that Sam was the youngest one there today? I felt out of place. This is the place to go when you need a new knee or hip or have a broked bone. Not a kid freindly place at all. They did try. They had a cute little table and chair set to sit and look at books and they had a fish tank. I think when we go on Monday I am going to donate some toys that my kids don’t play with for them. This way there is something for little people to do. Grant it though I don’ t think too many patients will be thrilled to have toys.
Oh and to the Big Man (not fat just really tall with muscle) thank you for sitting next to me after we were there for an hour. Cause you helped Sam find his way to my lap and wait for his name to be called. He waited quietly on my lap just watching you for like a half hour!! you are my new hero!!! Just make sure that you are there on monday at 11am to sit with us again!!
To the lady in the green shirt…you scared my boy. What were you thinking when you said boo to him???
I am so thrilled for Sam that we are done with bandages! His finger looks great. We can expect his nail to fall off and a new one to grow in. The new one may or may not be deformed..either way is great with me. Stitches out on Monday!!! Woo Hoo!!