May 30, 2007

4 things about me

After reading this post from Table for Five I was wanting to play along however I realized that my blog is really new and therefore don’t have any of these done I am going to be telling you more about me!

4 movies I can watch over and over:
1. Save The Last Dance- I love this movie. I don’t know why..I can’t even dance. But I could sit and watch this one over and over and over. It has a good plot and good music too!
2. Armageddon- I laugh, I cry, I get into all the emotions of this movie. I heart this one! “I’m leaving on a jet plane..don’t know when I’ll be back again…leaven on a jet plane…..”
3. The fast and the furious movies- I am so into these movies…all of them. The music, the men, the fast cars…all of it. and it has a great plot! lets just say hubby knows what happens when I watch these ones!!
4. Gone in 60 seconds- same kind of things happen with this. Alright #3 and this one turns on a girl! My engine revs up when I watch these with hubby :)

4 places i have lived:
1. Port Alleghany PA
2. Roullete PA
3. Seneca Falls NY
4. Penn Yan NY
there are a ton that I don’t recall living in cause I was too little. There are also some in here that I have lived in but was too short to mention.

4 tv shows I love:
1. All the CSI shows including NCIS.
2. John and Kate plus 8 on discover or is it TLC? I can’t remember which
I like this one cause i get ideas from kate when it comes to having more than one child!!
3. The young and the restless
4. Guiding Light(and the ones in between)

4 favorite books
1. Good Enough Mother by Rene’ Syler. I parent almost the same way she does. and its one that i recently read.
2. Lost Girls by Andrew Pyper
3. Steven Kings The Dark Tower series..though I have only read the first 2 cause I can’t find number 3. won’t read number 4 without reading 3. when i do find it i will have to reread the first 2.
4. Any Romance Novel

4 Places I have vacationed.
1. Bucktail Campground in PA
2. Sizerville (sp) State Park in PA
3. Where ever it was down in tennesee that we had a family reunion for my dad’s side of the family..i was only 6 or 7 so I don’t recall…it may have even been held down in Kentucky.
4. there is no fourth that i can recall..this is something we don’t do

4 websites i visit everyday:
1. i try to get to everyone on my blogroll however i don’t make it…i do make it to the ones who are my friends from(see below)
2. Mayasmom!! This is now my homepage so I am there everytime I log onto the net!!!
3. Yahoo’s homepage to check on news and for mail
4. myspace, gmail and blogger.

there you go! i hope you learned something about me!…LOL