Dec 6, 2007


Angelina is on the High Honor Roll this year!!! Impressive! My niece Kayla is also on the High Honor Roll. My niece Brandy Kay is on the Honor Roll. Which with everything that Brandy has been through in her 13 yrs of life is very good!!! That is also with moving to a new school just recently as well. I am proud of all 3 girls!!!!! I still can’t get over the fact that Kayla is now 15 and Brandy is now 13! I was 12 when Kayla was born! I am also in a way a Great Aunt as well. Brandy 10 months ago became an aunt herself. Dude what is up with that?? I loose contact with Brandy for a few years and when I do contact her last night I find out she is an aunt herself. I am not that old am I? I will have to ask Brandy for recent pictures of her.
I know you are wondering why I lost contact with Brandy. So I might as well tell ya. See for that past several years she has lived with her Dad. My mother is the one who I go to for updates on how everyone is going. I can’t always get in contact with my sister. Sure I have talked to Brandy when she has been at my mom’s house. Even visited with her a few times when she was at my mom’s house. But at my mom’s house Brandy I can’t share information. Its just not allowed. My mother hates when the whole family is contact with each other. Hates It. Why? Because then she can’t play one agains the other. She can’t control it that way. You want to know a control freak I will have to introduce you to her one of these days just not today!


I have had Brandy on my yahoo messenger thingy for a long time. I have sent ims to her that have gone unanswered. That is until a few days ago!!! She finally responded and we shared phone numbers and we got to talk really talk to each other last night!!!

And my mother can just shove it cause she won’t find out about this!!!! Ha Ha mother!!! Its sad when you are my age and have to keep quiet about something like this! Mother will really have a fit when Brandy comes to visit with me!