Nov 2, 2007

it's november

Where in the world has time gone? Seems just yesterday was the first day of school. November marks one more month until The Hubby’s Birthday and one more month until Mine. I noticed that christmas stuff is already on the shelves.
Hubby can’t stand it. As its just one more way to remind him what is just around the corner and this year its comeing really fast.
I love this time of year.
Growing up there was a point in time when I figured everything out. I lost the Christmas Spirit. What I was not prepared for was that having kiddos would bring that back to me but in a diffrent light.
I have one month to make and get a list of christmas stuff. I am also hoping that this will be the year that Curtis and Gregory have a request for something…anything..this year. Every year its guess work. Shopping for Men and the inlaws is so much easier than shopping for my boys. Sure cars and trucks always make them smile…however I want to give them something more.
This year I know I am getting Gregory some cd’s cause he so loves music. Curtis does too but not at the intesity that Gregory does. Gregory is the easiest to shop for out of all of them. Get him music and you have one very happy quiet camper.
This year I am using the net to find the special non car non truck items for the kids!
Wish me luck because I will be up against the hubby with my quest for this christmas to be car and truck free.