Nov 3, 2007

Fall Back

I am so not looking forward to the time changes. 2 weeks ago my children adjusted to the spring time change. 2 weeks ago they stopped waking up at 5am and getting up at 6 a much easier time to start our day. 2 weeks of heavenly bliss.
Tonight, Oh Tonight brings yet another time change for us. Just yesterday morning as I took crossed the kids to the bus Curtis said “Mommy its too dark for me” at 7:50 am EST. What is he going to say Monday Morning?? I am so not looking forward to this at all!! It took me awhile this morning to figure out what to say . This NaBloPoMo thing I am doing is really testing me. Now I know why it took me days in between my posts before because I waited until I had something to write about.
I have a feeling that I will be writing about how the time change has affected my children. Although if it comes down to Me having to wake them up for school, that would be a welcomed revenge on them!
I will have to stand at the end of their bed calling their name until they wake up. Yell that I have to go Potty. Jump on them while they are happily snoozing away.
Now this I could handle.
Are you ready??