Nov 1, 2007


So last night we had a Goth Princess, The Red Power Ranger, The Blue Power Ranger, Batman, A Devil and A Key Holder. We ended up going with freinds last night for the trick or treating. However with a half hour left of trick or treating last night I was totally regretting trick or treating with friends. Batman is the youngest of the group. His little legs can only walk so fast. Something The Group was not willing to accomodate for whatever reasons. By the time Batman and I got done with one house the Group would be 4 houses away. I have no idea if The Power Rangers were being nice with “Trick or Treat” and then saying “Thank You”. Everyone was a part of The Group that could keep up. Everyone else was left to run in order to keep up! Poor Batman was tossed from the stoller a few times because the daddy would not wait for me to buckle him up. With a half hour left I got pissed off. I was coughing and hacking. Batman took another spill out of the stroller while crossing the street because yet again daddy did not buckle him up after HE told me he buckled him up!!! So I walked away from the group forgetting that The Daddy had Batman’s bucket. My family seperated from the group when I was finally able to get The Power Rangers and keep them with me. I learned at a few more houses that they were saying “Trick or Treat” but in a hurried way and not saying “Thank you” .
I would like to say that we had a blast. However we did not. The group was in such a hurry that my 3 did not have time to enjoy themselves. In the end they were so tired that they didn’t even eat any candy last night as they went to bed when we got home last night. After a few more houses as a family we left for home.
Lesson well learned. Only trick or treat with others when all the kiddos are the same age. Otherwise the little man who can’t keep up is left behind.
I am told however that I am the bad guy and have to ruin everything for everybody. When in fact because of the way things were going last night its my kids that lost out on a half hour of trick or treating. I am not the one who was not taking little legs into account.
Next year will be better for my kiddos as we are going by ourselves for now on!!!
I hope you all had a much better time than we did!!!